Children's Hospital Los Angeles is ranked among the top hospitals in the nation for neurology care on the U.S. News & World Report Best Children's Hospitals List.

The Division of Neurology provides care for children with a wide variety of medical needs, including those who:

  • Have been admitted to our hospital for acute primary neurologic conditions
  • Need a neurology consultation as part of their inpatient care
  • Need a ketogenic diet managed
  • Require video electroencephalography (EEG) testing
  • Require neurological care while recovering in our hospital's Rehabilitation Unit

In addition to physicians who are board-certified child neurologists and neurologists with expertise in electroencephalography, your child will have access to the following pediatric clinicians: dietitian (ketogenic diet, modified Atkins diet), EEG technicians, Neuroradiologists (neuroimaging includes MRI, PET scanning, MRS, MRA and functional MRI), Neurosurgeons, Nurse and Vagal Nerve Stimulator Program members (implantation, programming).

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  • Education

Brain Tumors

Neurology physicians follow patients receiving treatment through our Brain and Spinal Tumors Program and provide management of seizures and long-term sequelae of brain tumor treatment.

Cerebral Palsy

Diagnostic evaluation and management is provided for children with cerebral palsy and associated developmental disabilities. Management of children with cerebral palsy is often coordinated with the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery

Comprehensive Neurofibromatosis Clinic (NF Clinic)

The Comprehensive Neurofibromatosis Clinic at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles specializes in providing multi-disciplinary medical care to individuals living with Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) and Schwannomatosis.

Epilepsy Program

The Neurological Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles supports a comprehensive Epilepsy Program to treat children with epilepsy from the simplest to the most serious cases. Our Epilepsy Program is certified a Level 4 program by the National Association of Epilepsy Center (NAEC)—the highest level possible, which speaks to the experience and expertise of our Board-certified epileptologists.

Headache Clinic

Evaluation and management is provided for:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Chronic daily headache
  • Pseudotumor cerebrii

Newly referred headache patients are sent a detailed questionnaire and asked to keep at headache record for two to three months prior to their first appointment. 

Most patients are seen for a single comprehensive consultation and to individualize headache management plan, which is sent back to primary physician.

For frequent or atypical migraine patients, chronic daily preventative medication can be provided and the patient seen on an ongoing basis. Referral to Pain Management Clinic is available for non-drug treatment.

Immune-Mediated Neurological Disorders

  • Opsoclonus-ataxia syndrome (whether associated with neuroblastoma or not)
  • Chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathies (CIDP)
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Multiple sclerosis

In addition to physician experts, an ambulatory infusion center is available at our hospital which can provide intermittent parenteral medication such as immune globulin, intermittent high dose corticosteroids, etc on an outpatient basis.

Infusion Center

The Infusion Center and Day Hospital at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is designed to meet the infusion and transfusion needs of children, adolescents and young adults.

Movement Disorders

The Pediatric Movement Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles provides diagnosis and treatment for children with neurological conditions that impact their body movements. Our hospital offers access to some of the only neurologists in the nation who have specialized training and expertise in providing care for children with movement disorders.

Neuromuscular Clinic

The Children's Hospital Los Angeles Neuromuscular Clinic provides care for children with muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and other muscular diseases.

The clinic is a certified Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Care Center and a Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) Certified Duchenne Care Center.

Neurogenetic, Degenerative & Leukodystrophy Disorders

Diagnostic evaluation and management of a wide variety of inherited and sporadic neurodegenerative conditions.

Examples include:

  • Familial ataxias (Friedreich Ataxia, SCA, OPCA)
  • Familial degenerative neurological conditions such as Huntington Disease
  • Leukodystrophies such as adrenoleukodystrophy
  • Canavan Disease
  • Metachromatic leukodystrophy
  • Storage disorders such as Tay-Sachs Disease
  • Mitochondrial cytopathies with neurological involvement

All of the above are generally managed in collaboration with Division of Medical Genetics

Neurology Consultation

To arrange for consultation in our Neurology Clinic:

  • Primary or referring physician should consult our Refer a Patient information
  • Physician must fax referral information to Neurology referral line at 323-361-1109

Neurology Clinic Referrals

In general, all new referrals for Neurology Clinic must come from the child’s primary physician.

Services Provided:

  • Neurological care is provided on a consultation basis.
  • Patient and family are seen for evaluation.
  • Necessary specialized tests are arranged or performed.
  • A detailed report is sent to the primary physician.
  • The child's primary physician provides ongoing care.

Note: Only a minority of patients referred to our Division of Neurology have their care managed on an ongoing basis. 

Second Opinions

Second opinion referrals from other neurologists are accepted via our normal Patient Referral process.


We do not generally accept self-referred patients.

To make your child’s visit for neurological evaluation most valuable and efficient, please arrange to bring the following.

Medical Records

Bring all relevant records from visits to physicians.  In particular, reports from neurologists that your child may have seen previously will be very helpful to us if you are coming to our hospital for a second opinion.

Neuroimaging Test Results

We prefer to receive test results on CD-ROM (wherever possible) or on X-Ray film.  

Examples of test results to bring: 

  • MRI of brain
  • MRI of spine
  • CT Scans of head
  • Reports of any neurological testing such as EEG or EMG
  • Reports of nerve conduction testing
  • Reports of laboratory work (including any genetic or metabolic testing).  This might include:  urine organic acids, blood amino acids, chromosomes, “gene chips”, or specialized enzyme tests
  • Full reports of neuropsychological testing
  • Full reports of psychometric testing

Medications List

In addition to bringing a complete list of ALL medications your child is currently taking, please also include a list of all medications previously tried for the condition.

Special Preparation Instructions

  • Headaches
    If your child is coming to us for headaches, bring your headache diary.
    (Newly referred headache patients are sent a detailed questionnaire and asked to keep a headache record for two to three months prior to their first appointment).
  • Seizures / Epilepsy
    If your child is coming to us for seizures or epileptic behavior, bring your seizure diary.

Make a Video

For intermittent abnormal movements, “spells”, or behavioral changes:

  • If your child has intermittent symptoms which are unlikely to be present during the visit, it can be extremely helpful to have a video to show the doctor.
  • Even a short segment showing abnormal behaviors or movements can help us make a diagnosis, and avoid other unnecessary procedures.
  • Bring the camera or device to play it back. Do not plan to bring it on CD or memory card as we may not have ability to play it.

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Child Neurology Residency Program

The child neurology residency training program seeks to produce physicians who are experts in the care of children with both acute and chronic neurological diseases. Our dedicated teaching faculty from multiple backgrounds will help assist you to achieve your career goals, whether academic, clinical, or educational. Our past residents have had great post training success and have a 100% board passage rate over the past 5 years.