Down Syndrome Neurology Program

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is one of the only medical centers in the country where specialists research and treat neurologic disorders in children with Down syndrome.

Children’s Hospital’s renowned experts lead the way in services that maximize your child’s quality of life. Patients with Down syndrome have access to specialized neurologic disorder screening. Some of these techniques are not widely available. We also provide all the advanced testing, specialized treatments and supportive services your child may need.

More Information About Neurologic Disease in Children With Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic disorders in children. About one in 700 children are born with the condition. It’s due to an extra copy of a chromosome (package of genes), No. 21, and affects how a baby’s body and brain develop. The extra copy of chromosome No. 21 also increases the chances of developing a neurologic disorder.

Our Down syndrome neurology experts help your child receive the best possible care. The Children’s Hospital team includes a pediatric neuroimmunologist who is a national leader in Down syndrome neurology. This expertise enables us to detect the early signs of neurologic disease and coordinate appropriate services and support.

Down Syndrome Neurology Program: Why Choose Us

Leading-edge therapies

Children’s Hospital’s pediatric neuroimmunologist is one of the only experts in the country innovating care for children with Down syndrome and an additional neurologic condition. Our extensive research and clinical trials give children access to the newest treatment options. We are also uncovering methods for optimizing outcomes of existing therapies.

Team approach to neurologic care

Identifying neurologic conditions in children with Down syndrome is the first step in our comprehensive approach. We work closely with other pediatric specialists from our renowned Neurological Institute to deliver the high-quality care your child deserves.

Your child may receive services from our:

Neurologic Conditions We Treat

Our neurologists diagnose and treat a range of neurologic conditions in children with Down syndrome. These disorders include:

  • Behavioral issues or learning challenges
  • Developmental regression (also called Down syndrome regression disorder)
  • Epilepsy and seizure disorders
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Movement disorders
  • Moyamoya disease and other cerebrovascular conditions
  • Sleep disorders including insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea
  • Syncope or passing out

Multidisciplinary Care for Neurologic Conditions in Children with Down Syndrome

Patients at Children’s Hospital benefit from the expertise of additional pediatric subspecialists whenever necessary. All of our subspecialists are in regular communication, enabling us to manage small details that help your child achieve outstanding results.

Your child’s treatment might involve services from:

Complex cases may require additional therapies and support. Your child’s treatment team may also include specialists from:


To make an appointment with the clinic, ask your pediatrician to follow our referral instructions. Referrals should address CHLA Neurology, attention to Dr. Jonathan Santoro.

We accept referrals for patients younger than 30 years old. We may review special circumstances for patients older than 30 on a case-by-case basis.

Research inquiries

If you would like to enroll your child in a clinical study, call 323-361-2471 and request to speak with Dr. Santoro or email our research coordinator at