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Care Network Information for Patients and Families

Choosing a Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Care Network pediatrician means your child gets care from providers backed by the West Coast’s top-rated hospital for children. Our Care Network is a collaboration among leading pediatric specialists and community pediatricians. We are working together to help children throughout Southern California receive the highest level of care.

Is My Child’s Pediatrician a Care Network Member?

Care Network members are in more than 80 locations throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Kern Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

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Your Neighborhood, Your Pediatrician, Your Children’s Hospital

The CHLA Care Network is the first care network in Southern California focused on care innovation for babies, children and young adults. Also known as a clinically integrated network (CIN), this collaboration helps community pediatricians learn about evidence-based high-quality care in collaboration with CHLA experts. To learn more, watch this video:

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Care Network members deliver efficient services that help your child get more out of each pediatrician visit. Even if your child has an ongoing health issue, you can count on Care Network pediatricians to be there for your child. Participating practices co-manage complex conditions along with CHLA specialists. Your child receives appropriate services that lower the likelihood of unnecessary services. When a specialist referral is necessary, pediatricians collaborate with CHLA experts to ensure a seamless experience.

How Your Child and Family Benefit from the Care Network

Choosing a pediatrician in the Care Network benefits your child and family in many ways, including:

  • Care tailored to your child’s needs
  • Continuous focus on improving quality and the patient experience
  • Holistic, team approach to treating complex and chronic conditions
  • Commitment to improving outcomes
  • Access to the best available tests, treatments and specialists
  • Connection to additional community-based resources that support your children’s well-being
  • Efficient service delivery that provides better value

Care Network FAQs for Patients and Families

Our clinically integrated network combines the efforts of leading pediatric specialists and pediatricians to deliver seamless, cost-effective, high-quality care.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

How does a pediatrician’s Care Network membership affect the care my child receives?

Care Network members receive information and training on research-based methods that lead to the best care for common and chronic conditions. This information enables community pediatricians to manage certain issues, like minor orthopedic injuries or gastrointestinal disorders, in their offices.

What other clinical resources are available to pediatricians in the Care Network?

CHLA often provides phone-based support when pediatricians have questions about a patient’s care. These efforts may reduce the need for specialist referrals. When a referral is necessary, we help your child receive timely, efficient care.

Is seeing a Care Network member the same as going to CHLA?

No. Care Network members are independent pediatric practices. Many collaborate with CHLA experts to optimize care. This affiliation enhances the care your child receives without coming to our facility.

Will I have to pay more for my child to go to a pediatrician who is a Care Network member?

A pediatrician’s membership in the Care Network will not affect your out-of-pocket costs as long as they are part of your child’s insurance plan.

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Care Network members are in more than 80 locations throughout Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Kern, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Find a Care Network pediatrician.