Callers Falsely Representing Children’s Hospital Possible Scammers

Individuals who are NOT CONNECTED with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are calling individuals to offer services that will lower your bills. The name of the caller shows as “Children’s Hospital” and the phone number shows as (323) 361-6866.

The hospital wants all individuals to take these types of calls very seriously. These callers may ask you to give out confidential information to steal your identity. We take these actions seriously and are working with the authorities to stop these callers.

In the meantime, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles wants to remind all individuals that it is important NEVER to share confidential information with unknown callers (such as account numbers, social security numbers, patient medical record numbers and other medical/health information, passwords, credit card information, or other personally identifiable information). For the latest tips on how to spot and avoid phone fraud, please visit the Federal Trade Commission website.

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