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Medical Genetics

The Division of Medical Genetics at Children's Hospital Los Angeles offers children with complex genetic diseases a spectrum of diagnosis, treatment and laboratory services based on the most recent scientific advances.

Newborn Screening Program

The Division of Medical Genetics offers treatment, genetic counseling and follow-up to families affected by any one of 40-plus disorders that are ascertained upon newborn screening.

Abnormal test results are communicated to the newborn's primary care physician, allowing for collaboration with Division physicians. Our nursing staff work with our physicians to communicate confirmatory testing required and to answer any questions that referring physicians and anxious parents may have.

Staff Expertise

Our expert physicians serve on national and international committees and conduct research to contribute to care for metabolic disease and other hereditary disorders.

Comfort for Families

Our staff provide a comfortable, friendly environment for patients and families. Our goal is to educate you about your child's condition and prognosis, available treatments and the likelihood of other children having similar conditions.

Prenatal Diagnosis

One of the services that we offer parents is the ability to provide a prenatal diagnosis for parents planning to have additional children. To accomplish this, we work in close collaboration with the Fetal-Maternal Center.


For families and referring physicians, please download this intake form required for the processing of new patients to the Division of Medical Genetics.