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Published on October 13, 2021
Researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are unraveling the biological mechanism that triggers pain in people with sickle cell disease—and confirming what mothers have been saying all along. Read More
Published on October 6, 2021
It is important to discuss community violence and civil unrest with the children in your lives when these topics dominate the news cycle and social media feeds. David J. Schonfeld, MD, FAAP, Director of the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement at Children’s Hospital... Read More
Published on October 4, 2021
As Halloween approaches, families are looking for ways to celebrate while maintaining safety during the pandemic. Many traditions like wearing costumes and carving pumpkins can be done—as long as you follow precautions such as masking and physical distancing. Read More
Published on October 4, 2021
Ten years after Desiree’s third open-heart surgery for congenital heart defects at CHLA’s Heart Institute, her family knew exactly where they needed to be when it was time for her fourth and fifth. Read More
Published on October 1, 2021
Through the Employee Assistance Program, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles supports team members’ emotional, psychosocial and spiritual wellness—professionally and personally. Read More
Published on September 29, 2021
Through Spiritual Care Services at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, team members have access to guided meditation sessions that can help them slow down, manage stress and feel more connected. Read More
Published on September 29, 2021
E-cigarettes are like cigarettes for a new generation. The devices produce an aerosol by heating a liquid that usually contains nicotine, flavoring and other chemicals. Users inhale these synthetics into their lungs every time they puff. Read More
Published on September 28, 2021
“With MIS-C, it’s important to test kids six months after their illness because they can have residual heart inflammation,” says Andrew Souza, DO. Read More
Published on September 21, 2021
In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles asked some of our Latino/a/x team members: “What message would you give your younger self?” Their responses are collected here. Read More
Published on September 21, 2021
In a worldwide pediatric study, researchers from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles show the clear benefit of using living donor liver tissue for transplants. Read More
Published on September 18, 2021
If you're in the Southern California or surrounding areas, you probably felt the recent earthquakes. It isn't too late to get prepared. The Pediatric Disaster Resource and Training Center at Children's Hospital Los Angeles strives for pediatric disaster preparedness to... Read More
Published on September 15, 2021
Diagnosed with a severe form of scoliosis, Cai needed surgery. Read how pediatric orthopaedic experts at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles used magnetic growing rods to straighten—and strengthen—his spine. Read More
Published on September 9, 2021
Long COVID or “long-haul COVID” can be debilitating for kids and teens—with symptoms like fatigue, shortness of breath and brain fog. Read More
Published on September 8, 2021
A large tumor in his brain was triggering seizures. Read how neurosurgery at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles changed little Owen’s life. Read More
Published on September 7, 2021
Brian Dias, PhD Faculty Lead, TECPAD Postdoc Training and Development  Division of Research on Children, Youth & Families Dr. Dias grew up in India and received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. Over the years, he has investigated the... Read More
Published on September 7, 2021
Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a potentially fatal complication of diabetes caused by a high level of acid in the blood. Find out what DKA is, and why it’s so dangerous. Read More
Published on September 3, 2021
Amber Medina Clinical Research Coordinator Amber helps coordinate leukemia and lymphoma trials. Though she has been doing clinical research for 15 years, Amber came to CHLA just two years ago. Joining the team at CHLA has given her more responsibility and opportunity... Read More
Published on September 2, 2021
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is part of an innovative nationwide program exposing young people with developmental disabilities to real-world work experience. Read More
Published on September 1, 2021
As the coronavirus evolves, health authorities across the globe rely on the work of scientists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, who use genomic sequencing to track mutations. Read More
Published on August 31, 2021
Sarah Richman, MD, PhD Cancer and Blood Disease Institute Sarah Richman, MD, PhD, investigates the use of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy for solid tumors. She and others in the field have recognized that the success of treating B-cell leukemias with... Read More