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Published on May 27, 2022
A neuroblastoma expert answers questions about how MIBG therapy works and what families can expect from this specialized radiation treatment available at CHLA. Read More
Published on May 25, 2022
A clinical dietitian gives expert suggestions on how to deal with the shortage of formula, especially for children with special health needs. Read More
Published on May 20, 2022
A young boy is diagnosed with ARCAPA, a congenital heart defect so rare that the CHLA cardiologist who diagnosed the condition had never encountered it before in more than two decades of pediatric care. Read More
Published on May 15, 2022
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Philanthropist Kirith Prady has established an endowed chair to honor her father, Bram Bernstein, MD, and his legacy in the field of pediatric rheumatology and at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Read More
Published on May 14, 2022
With a focus on infants and toddlers, The Gerber Foundation supports research that impacts the earliest years of life, including a new study led by experts at CHLA. Read More
Published on May 14, 2022
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Will, 15, had no idea he had a cyst in his brain until he was injured in a lacrosse game. Grateful for the lifesaving care he received at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the teen and his family are giving back. Read More
Published on May 12, 2022
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During its annual “Un Millón Para Los Niños” radiothon, Entravision Communications Corp. broadcasts stories of hope and healing on stations across the country—all to benefit pediatric health care. Read More
Published on May 11, 2022
An anonymous $25 million gift supports professional development, training and research for nurses at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Read More
Published on May 10, 2022
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Sharon Mason and Bob Masino found just the right vehicle to honor CHLA’s lifesaving care of their niece, while also producing a reliable source of income for themselves. Read More
Published on May 5, 2022
Eight-year-old Brooklyn, a CHLA patient with dysphagia, conducts an annual Play-Doh drive, to give back to the occupational therapist who has worked for years with her to try to overcome the swallowing disorder. Read More
Published on May 2, 2022
An experimental treatment for Down syndrome regression disorder is helping one young teen recover her ability to function in the world. Read More
Published on April 29, 2022
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles partners with youth-serving organizations to empower young people from across L.A. County to identify the unique strengths and needs of their communities through photography. Read More
Published on April 27, 2022
Reid’s struggle to survive as an infant ended when Children’s Hospital Los Angeles doctors discovered a severe blockage in his esophagus. Nearly a dozen surgical procedures by the time he was 3 paved the way for the Boy Scout to become an Antarctic explorer as a teen. Read More
Published on April 25, 2022
Tiredness and fatigue. Frequent headaches. Brain fog. These are just a few symptoms of long COVID that can persist weeks after a COVID-19 infection. Find out how researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are studying new ways to manage and potentially treat long COVID. Read More
Published on April 22, 2022
We answer 10 FAQs to help you safeguard your kid’s eyesight, and to know when it’s time to get it checked. Read More
Published on April 19, 2022
A new study from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles found that a specific pathway may be driving tumor growth in Ewing sarcoma. Read More
Published on April 18, 2022
Matthew Borzage, PhD, was among the co-authors of a pioneering effort to create the first comprehensive growth charts for the brain. Read More
Published on April 18, 2022
This rare neurological condition requires specialized treatment and may have a link to COVID-19. Read More
Published on April 11, 2022
Dr. Clementine Vo had been feeling helpless about the war in Ukraine. When the opportunity arose to help, she didn’t hesitate. Read More
Published on April 1, 2022
The Healing Response Team at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is a peer support program available to all team members, safeguarding their well-being and ensuring the best care for patients and families. Read More