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Published on October 31, 2022
Two experts explain what the virus is, symptoms to look for and how to take care of children who are sick. Read More
Published on October 28, 2022
Developmental behavioral pediatricians’ professional judgment does not require the “gold standard” test for autism in the vast majority of cases. Read More
Published on October 27, 2022
Ella and her family moved from the East Coast to Southern California in search of the best treatment for high-risk neuroblastoma—and found it at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Read More
Published on October 26, 2022
Zen, 17, has turned his passion for violin performance into a way to raise funds for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, in gratitude for the lifesaving care he received after being diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer as a toddler. Read More
Published on October 26, 2022
Comprehensive care provided by orthopedic experts at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles—combined with a spunky personality and can-do attitude—allow this 6-year-old to look beyond his condition and simply enjoy being a kid. Read More
Published on October 19, 2022
Mitchell Geffner ESPE Award - 1024x683.jpg
Mitchell Geffner, MD, received the 2022. International Outstanding Clinician Award from the European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology. Read More
Published on October 14, 2022
Shafali Spurling Jeste, MD, shares early findings—and a critical challenge—from the Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials. Read More
Published on October 14, 2022
Here’s how the team performed the procedure, which spared a teen from open-heart surgery. Read More
Published on October 13, 2022
USNWR - Cancer Stock Image - 1024x683.jpg
A CHLA oncologist led a pivotal clinical trial leading to the approval of the first drug to prevent cisplatin hearing loss in children. Read More
Published on October 11, 2022
A first-of-its-kind enhanced recovery after surgery protocol enables early extubation for pediatric liver transplant patients—including infants. Read More
Published on October 11, 2022
A clinical trial at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is the first to study butyrate therapy in Hispanic children with ulcerative colitis. Read More
Published on October 11, 2022
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A study finds significant variations in care for babies with micrognathia who undergo mandibular distraction osteogenesis. Read More
Published on October 11, 2022
The Infant Chronic Lung Disease Program provides comprehensive and coordinated care for babies and children with severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Read More
Published on October 10, 2022
Keeping your child safe and healthy is a multifaceted priority for families, starting with the ride home from the hospital in a properly installed car seat. One of the most effective, lifelong protections families can provide is ensuring that children get all of their... Read More
Published on October 7, 2022
Robert Kay, MD, shares new international consensus on addressing knee problems in children with cerebral palsy. Read More
Published on October 4, 2022
The 2-year-old recently passed a major milestone, and her mother reports she is happy and thriving. Read More
Published on September 23, 2022
A new study finds a reason, paving the way for the development of new, more effective treatments. Read More
Published on September 21, 2022
The Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has announced that Rachel Beth Schenker, MD, is the department’s first pediatric gastroenterology fellow. Read More
Published on September 20, 2022
Once a patient, Sarah Hernandez is now a nurse at the very hospital that cared for her little brother and saved her own life as an infant with congenital heart defects. Read More
Published on September 16, 2022
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 의 최우선 순위는 환아와 그 가족 및 팀원들의 안전입니다. 코로나19 팬데믹으로 인해, 이번 방문은 귀하께서 마지막으로 저희 병원을 방문하신 때와 매우 다르게 여겨질 수 있습니다. Read More