Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP)

Full Accreditation - Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc.

The Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP) at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is responsible for the ethical and regulatory oversight of research conducted with human subjects. The program is accountable for providing education and training to the research community at our hospital.

The HSPP performs regular audits in order to ensure the proper conduct of research. Additionally, the HSPP conducts outreach activities with the Los Angeles community in order to provide information regarding human subject research and the protections afforded individuals participating in research.


  • Children's Hospital Los Angeles Institutional Review Board
  • Human Subjects Protection Department Directory
  • Consent Quest - Game App

The Institutional Review Board is made up of doctors, researchers and community members.

Committee Members

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Alan B. Lewis, MD
Chair, Institutional Review Board

Alisa Irwin, BA, CIP
Interim Director, Research Regulatory Affairs

Dongqing Li, MB, MBS, CIP
Supervisor, IRB

Mara Levy, BA, CIP
Supervisor, IRB

Skyler Rothganger, B.A. 
IRB Administrator

Rocio Yong, MPH, CIP
Sr. IRB Administrator

Maryann Girgis, BA, CIP
Sr. IRB Administrator

Deebra Smith, MPH, CIP
Sr. IRB Administrator

Jeremiah Klashorst, BA
IRB Administrator

Linda Fox, BS, CHES 
IRB Administrator

Pramod M. Lad, PhD, MBA, MS, CIP
Senior Quality Assurance & Education Specialist

Nicole Trejo, BA
IRB Coordinator II

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Consent Quest is a game app (for iOS) to help children ages 8-12 learn about the consent process for research as they compete to be the first one to the finish line. For up to six (human) players or you can play against the app’s virtual robot player.

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