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Spina Bifida Program

Our hospital is home to one of the largest centers in Southern California for treatment of this congenital condition – the second most common major birth defect in the United States.

Comprehensive Care

Care of children with spina bifida at Children's Hospital Los Angeles is treated by:

Social workers
Physical and occupational therapists

These combined efforts are needed to manage the complex multihandicapping problems of hydrocephalus, bowel and urine incontinence, development, gait and ambulation.

In addition, our Spina Bifida Center provides essential psychosocial support services for patients and families, along with genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis.

Spina Bifida Resource

Right Under My Nose is a one-of-a-kind publication designed to help children with spina bifida understand their condition, discover new ways to enrich their lives and help their parents and caregivers answer many of the tough questions that arise.  The book is hosted as an interactive experience in both English and Spanish.

First 5 LA provided generous support for the creation of Right Under My Nose is a collaboration between the Division of General Pediatrics and the Bibliotherapy Program. 

English version

Spanish version