Pediatric Bone Disorders Program

Bone disorders include all conditions that affect your child’s bone growth, development and strength. Pediatric mineral disorders are problems that affect the way bones use calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that maintain bone health. At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, we offer comprehensive, expert care for bone and mineral disorders.

The Pediatric Bone Disorders Program is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. We diagnose and treat hundreds of children with bone and mineral disorders. Our comprehensive care model means your family has easy access to every expert your child may need.

Pediatric Bone Disorders Program: Why Choose Us

Our specialists provide care for children with the full range of bone diseases and conditions. Highlights of our Pediatric Bone Disorders Program include: 

  • Care from established experts: Director of the Pediatric Bone Disorders Program, Anna Ryabets-Lienhard, DO, is one of only a few pediatric bone specialists in the Western United States. Dr. Ryabets-Linehard has advanced training and conducts research in the field. Her knowledge and experience lead to the most advanced treatments for your child.
  • Comprehensive, multidisciplinary team: Because we are a large pediatric center, you have easy access to every necessary subspecialist. In addition to endocrinology, your child may see experts in orthopedics, radiology, medical genetics, neurology, nutrition, physical and occupational therapies.
  • Easy access to care: We often use a hybrid model where we combine in-person clinic and telehealth appointments. This model means you have easy, convenient access to the care your child needs.
  • Expanded treatment options: If appropriate, your child may have the option to participate in a clinical trial. A clinical trial is a study where we research new treatment options. A dedicated research specialist helps connect you with open clinical trials, answers questions and explains what to expect.

What Are Pediatric Bone Disorders?

Pediatric bone disorders include all conditions that affect your child’s bone growth, development and strength. Some bone disorders are genetic. Others develop because of an injury, infection, inflammation or disease like cancer. They may also develop after treatment for other conditions.

Children who have a bone disorder may have:

  • Brittle, easily breakable bones
  • Constant aches and pains
  • Repeat bone infections

Conditions We Treat

Our specialists provide expert treatment for all types of pediatric bone and mineral disorders, including:

  • Achondroplasia
  • Bone density disorders (osteogenesis imperfecta and osteopetrosis)
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome with brittle bones
  • Fibrous dysplasia/McCune Albright syndrome
  • Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP)
  • Calcium disorders (hypercalcemia and hypocalcemia)
  • Parathyroid disorders (hypoparathyroidism, hyperparathyroidism and pseudohypoparathyroidism)
  • Electrolyte disorders (hypophosphatemia and hypophosphatasia)
  • Vitamin D metabolism issues and rickets

Expert Treatment for Bone Disorders

As children grow and develop, so should their bones. When children’s bones do not develop properly, they can have difficulty walking or using their arms or legs.

Our specialists offer comprehensive treatments designed to improve your child’s quality of life. We may prescribe medications or recommend orthopedic surgery. Learn more about pediatric bone disorders treatment.

We also conduct research to find new treatments and advance current options. Our specialists guide you on the best treatment plan for your child, including whether your child is a candidate for an open clinical trial. Find out more about endocrinology research.