Pediatric Bone Treatment

Pediatric bone disorders or diseases include all conditions that affect your child’s bone growth, development and strength. Bone disorders can be congenital (present at birth) or caused by an injury or infection. Sometimes, children have symptoms for no known reason.

Mineral disorders are ones that affect your child’s bone minerals. Bone minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, are elements that support bone strength and health.

Whatever the cause of a pediatric bone or mineral disorder, our specialists provide advanced, expert treatments. The Pediatric Bone Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is one of the largest of its kind in the country. Our specialists have the experience and expertise to offer your child advanced, individualized treatments.

Pediatric Bone Disease Treatment

Some bone disorders cause no symptoms. But children who have difficulty walking or using their limbs, or who have joint damage may benefit from treatment. Mineral disorders like hypocalcemia or hypercalcemia can cause symptoms such as numbness, muscle pain or weakness that requires prompt medical care. Treatment options may include:


Medication options vary depending on the diagnosis and symptoms. If your child has a vitamin D deficiency, we may recommend calcium and vitamin D supplements. Depending on the condition, our specialists may prescribe medications that:

  • Decrease calcium levels
  • Decrease fractures, bone pain and improve bone mineral density
  • Improve bone growth
  • Increase calcium levels
  • Suppress overactive parathyroid glands
  • Treat rickets and hypophosphatasia

The medications your child takes may be: 

  • Oral (taken by mouth)
  • Injections (given through a needle and syringe)
  • Intravenous (given through an IV line)

Access to Clinical Trials

Thanks to our specialists’ commitment to research, your child has access to promising new treatments through clinical trials. We are continuously studying new medicines.

When we know more about what leads to bone diseases, we can find more effective treatment options. Find out more about our endocrinology research.

Expert Bone Disorders Treatment

Children’s Hospital bone specialists are among the only providers in the Western United States with training in pediatric bone disease. When you choose CHLA, your child has access to highly specialized experts who offer advanced treatments.

As a large pediatric center, we collaborate with orthopedic specialists, psychologists, social workers and every other necessary subspecialist to ensure your child has easy access to all the relevant services. Our experts provide comprehensive, coordinated care. Learn more about our Pediatric Bone Disorders Program.