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The Endocrinology Ambassadors of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles  are a community of grateful patient families committed to ensuring that children and families living with endocrine disorders receive outstanding comprehensive medical care and behavioral health services.  Since 2014, the Endo Ambassadors have dedicated their efforts to increase access to psychological care for patients and families treated in the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism (CEDM).  Thanks to their tireless fundraising, the Embedded Psychology Program was launched by the CEDM in July 2016. As of December 2018, the Endo Ambassadors have raised $221,457 to offset the cost of care that is unreimbursed by commercial insurance.

Endo Ambassadors are also committed to promoting awareness for the Center’s specialists – psychologists, nurse educators, dietitians and social workers -- who, with our outstanding physicians and staff, care for more than 12,000 children each year.

Our Initiatives

Specialists and parents agree that supportive psychological care is essential to treating children, adolescents, and families who live with the daily burdens of chronic, lifelong diseases like diabetes, adrenal and thyroid disorders.

So that patients and families treated in the CEDM have access to integrated care, funds raised by the Endo Ambassadors help support two part-time psychologists who consult one on one with patients in clinic and lead small group interventions. From disease onset to proactive engagement through the duration of pediatric care, our psychologists help patients and families develop skills to cope with the daily demands of chronic illness and at key transitions during a child’s social and physical development.

As members of the care team,  our psychologists’ presence helps to normalize behavioral health services within the hospital and in the community.  Working in partnership with physicians and staff, they empower patients to take the lead in self-care and experience a healthy transition to adult healthcare.

The Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

The medical diagnoses of patients treated by the Endocrinology division include type 1 diabetes, adrenal disorders, issues of puberty and growth, and the challenges of childhood obesity. The Center’s caregivers collaborate with experts throughout the hospital to treat patients with complex diagnoses such as the effects of chemotherapy on the endocrine system and growth disorders resulting from spinal surgery. 

As one of the highest ranking Endocrinology Centers in the nation and the largest on the West Coast, the CEDM provides outstanding clinical care, while conducting basic and clinical research and educating the next generation of pediatric endocrinologists through its celebrated Endocrinology Fellowship Program.

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We invite you to join our hospital’s mission to create hope and build healthier futures for our young patients and their families.  


Help our kids and families by making a generous gift to the Embedded Psychology program.

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Meet Some of Our Specialists

Mitchell Geffner, MD  
Division Chief Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Michael Goran, PhD  
Director Diabetes & Obesity Program, Saban Research Institute

Senta Georgia, PhD  
Principal Investigator  
The Saban Research Institute

Jennifer Raymond, MD, MCR  
Director, Comprehensive Clinical Diabetes Clinic

Roshanak Monzavi, MD  
Director, Endocrinology Fellowship

Mimi S. Kim, MD  
Co-Director CAH Comprehensive Care Center of Excellence at CHLA

Cynthia Muñoz, PhD  
Assistant Professor, Clinical Pediatrics and Pediatric Psychologist

Patrice Yasuda, PhD  
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Pediatric Psychologist

Membership: Learn how to become a member of this Leadership Group: contact Sarah Todd at stodd@chla.usc.edu or 323-361-1787.

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