Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma and Fracture Program

Children who experience traumatic injuries, complex fractures or infections receive the highest level care at our Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma and Fracture Program.

Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma and Fracture Program: Why Choose Us

Our trauma and fracture program is part of the nationally ranked Jackie and Gene Autry Orthopedic Center. We offer:

  • Highest-level trauma care: Injured children receive care at the largest and most established Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center in Los Angeles. A Level 1 designation indicates that we offer the most comprehensive trauma services available.
  • Advanced diagnostics: We use the most advanced technology to diagnose broken bones and traumatic injuries. Some fractures may be evaluated with our EOS low-radiation imaging system to minimize your child’s exposure to harmful rays.
  • Care for complex injuries: A complex fracture can damage bones, tendons, ligaments, soft tissue and joints, which can require immediate surgery. Other medical centers send children with complex fractures to us for treatment.
  • Dedicated experts: With more than a dozen pediatric orthopedic surgeons on staff — the most at any West Coast medical center — there’s always an expert available to help your child. All of our surgeons are specifically trained in pediatric orthopedic trauma. When needed, we tap the experts who specialize in fractures of the spine, hand, upper extremities, hip or lower extremities.
  • Team approach: A team of experts is always on hand to help your family. Care team members include specialists in plastic surgery, infectious diseases, orthotics and occupational and physical therapy.
  • Commitment to research: Our doctors are actively involved in the Children’s Orthopedic Trauma and Infection Consortium for Evidence-Based Studies (CORTICES). We’re dedicated to improving the delivery of care for children with traumatic injuries and broken bones. 

Convenient Access to Care

We make it easier for your child to get the necessary care for complex fractures or trauma. We have:

  • Pediatric Fracture Clinic: Our orthopedic experts provide specialized care for simple and complex broken bones, including growth plate injuries. Find out more about our Pediatric Fracture Clinic.
  • Medical equipment: We have representatives from brace companies on-site. We quickly outfit your child with custom-fitted medical braces, boots, crutches or other medical equipment.
  • Care clinics: We provide follow-up care, including X-rays and some diagnostic tests, at convenient specialty care centers throughout Los Angeles.

Fractures and Traumatic Injuries We Treat

We treat all types of complex injuries, including:

  • Complex fractures
  • Multiple fractures
  • Open fractures that break through skin
  • Growth plate injuries
  • Spine fractures including compression fractures
  • Bone infections