EOS Low-Radiation X-Rays

Some children need multiple X-rays to help doctors customize treatment plans and monitor progress and success. X-rays are an important part of a child’s medical care. Still, too much radiation exposure can be harmful.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was the first children’s medical center in the county to offer the EOS system. This 3D low-radiation, full-body X-ray imaging system helps protect your child’s health.

What Are EOS Low-Radiation X-Rays?

EOS imaging takes place in our radiology and imaging department. This advanced X-ray system uses two thin radiation beams and a body scanner to produce 3D images of your child’s body. The entire process takes less than 20 seconds. The machine can also target specific areas of the body, such as an arm, shoulder or leg.

What Are the Benefits of EOS Low-Radiation X-Rays?

Children receiving treatments for orthopedic problems or other conditions stand inside the EOS scanner. A standing position allows your child’s doctor to see the effects of weight on bones and joints. This information ensures more precise surgical planning. Children may also sit while getting X-rays. The machine takes images quietly — it isn’t noisy or scary.

The EOS imaging system uses:

  • 95% less radiation that computed tomography (CT) scans
  • 85% less radiation that computed radiography (CR) scans
  • 50% less radiation than digital radiography (DR) scans