Fetal-Maternal Center

The Fetal-Maternal Center as part of the Fetal and Neonatal Institute is a unique center among its peers in the nation. It is one of only a handful of comprehensive maternal and fetal diagnostic and treatment centers in the United States. Care managers at our facility will help you from diagnosis, through pregnancy, to delivery and transfer to Children's Hospital Los Angeles for neonatal care if needed.

For Parents with High-Risk Pregnancies

The anxiety of fearing for the health of their unborn child can be complicated with the task of seeking out separate specialists for the multitude of opinions and care needed.

While other centers across the nation bring you one or two specialists, we combine our outstanding networking and collaboration across a multitude of specialties to help you get all of the care that you need through a single center, answering all of your questions and providing answers that benefit from the insights of all of you and your unborn child's care providers. This includes:

  • Fetal-Maternal Medicine (for high-risk pregnancy)
  • Obstetric care (for the unborn child)
  • Pediatric care (for care needed after birth)

Our maternal-fetal services cover everything from diagnostic testing to patient care and the numerous subspecialties involved in coordinating care for both patients. The team works closely with you to provide complete care for you and your unborn child.

Through our care, we address the:

  • Full spectrum of complex maternal and fetal medical, surgical, genetic, metabolic and developmental abnormalities
  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment for diagnosis and treatment
  • Social and psychological support services that moms may need
  • Teaching and research to create advancements in our field

Fetus as Patient

Major advances in contemporary medicine have reshaped and vastly improved the doctor's ability to diagnose and treat fetal conditions. This has resulted in our ability to treat the fetus as a separate patient. 

As a result, the unique needs of potential new mothers and their babies are best met by a multidisciplinary team of specialists from many different areas of medicine, nursing and related fields to accomplish the treatment of two patients at once. 

Access to Specialists

Our hospital serves as the hub site for Los Angeles' Fetal-Maternal Center, a network of major neonatal intensive care and women and children's care centers across the Los Angeles basin.

Through this integration, our center is not only able to tap the resources of its own physicians, but is able to quickly reach out to other networked physicians with different specialties to gain additional insights and opinions. We benefit from the latest advancements and research occurring across Los Angeles, to bring you the very best care at each stage of the mother and the baby's need.

Research Efforts

The center's unique alliance with other area hospitals through the Fetal-Maternal Center provides us with a collaborative opportunity to participate in fetal research with leaders from area hospitals. 

Many members of our fetal therapy team and fetal-maternal health team actively participate in research via their affiliations with academic medical centers and universities.

Our hospital alone boasts several research centers and institutes, including The Saban Research Institute, which is one of the nation's largest and most productive pediatric research facilities in the United States.