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A blood disorder diagnosis such as hemophilia, sickle cell disease or thalassemia can change the course of your child’s life. But it doesn’t have to limit their potential.

Internationally renowned pediatric hematologists (specialists in blood disorders) at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are at the leading edge of care. Our team helps more patients manage their conditions, allowing children and families to focus on living life to the fullest.

Hematology: Why Choose Us

Our program, part of CHLA’s internationally recognized Cancer and Blood Disease Institute, delivers comprehensive hematology care. Many disorders we treat are genetic and start at birth. We provide comprehensive care to help your child and your family with lifelong chronic disease. From innovative therapies to family-based support, we offer a range of services that restore health, wellness and peace of mind.

At CHLA, your child has access to:

  • Leading-edge treatment: We excel in treating the most complex forms of these conditions, safely delivering state-of-the-art therapies that are often not widely available at other hospitals. Our team also gives hope for healing to children with uncommon blood diseases, such as hemophilia, sickle cell disease and thalassemia. And our decades-long history of innovation means your child may be among the first to receive new therapies.
  • Expert care: Your child receives services from trusted pediatric hematology specialists, many of whom are internationally recognized leaders. Our core hematology team includes doctors, advanced practice practitioners, nurses and social workers. These hematology experts work closely with dietitians, psychologists and other specialist providers to offer comprehensive, integrated care. And our team is paving the way toward new treatments for resistant blood disorders through research and clinical trials.
  • Specialized programs: We have dedicated programs that treat specific conditions, including bone marrow failure, blood clotting, red blood cell disorders, heavy periods and many others. We are also a world leader in detecting and treating iron overload that occurs because of genetic defects or as a complication of blood transfusions.
  • Infusion center: We offer a comfortable, child-friendly care environment for infusions. These treatments are delivered through a vein (intravenously). Our highly skilled team is setting national standards for pediatric and young adult infusion services. And we offer Saturday and evening appointments so your child doesn’t need to miss school.  Learn more about our Infusion Center.
  • Comprehensive support: Our offerings extend beyond your child’s immediate medical care. We coordinate school-based support and address young adults’ unique needs, maximizing your child’s current and future quality of life.

Our Hematology Programs

CHLA’s hematology programs are among the busiest and most respected in Southern California. Our commitment to excellence in blood disorder care draws patients from all over the world.

Our hematology programs include specialized services for:

Bone marrow failure syndromes

CHLA specialists offer a lifeline to children with rare conditions affecting blood-producing cells inside the bones. We deliver sophisticated therapies for aplastic anemia and other bone marrow failure syndromes. We are a founding member of a national consortium of over 50 centers in the United States that manage and study these disorders.

Hemophilia and blood clotting

Our commitment to high-quality services enabled us to become one of the nation’s first federally recognized Hemostasis and Thrombosis Centers. We treat many patients with rare bleeding and clotting disorders including hemophilia, von Willebrand disease and hypercoagulability. Our program has a strong focus on clinical trials, and we’ve pioneered treatments that are now standard of care all over the world.

Heavy periods in adolescents

We offer one of the few clinics in Southern California helping adolescents and young adults with heavy menstrual bleeding. Adolescent medicine experts and blood clotting experts work together to staff the clinic. Find out more about the Hematology-Adolescent Medicine Clinic.

Red blood cell disorders

Our Red Blood Cell Disorders Program uses a team approach to deliver comprehensive care in a child-friendly environment. We treat all types of anemia, including rare genetic anemias, complex anemias and secondary anemias. We offer personalized treatments, emotional support, clinical trials and therapies to prevent complications.

Sickle cell disease

CHLA’s Sickle Cell Disease Program is one of California’s largest. Our program offers timely access to therapies for sickle cell crises. And we also work closely with California’s newborn screening program to identify and treat patients from infancy. Your child’s care team may include heart doctors (cardiologists), lung doctors (pulmonologists) and eye doctors (ophthalmologists), who help manage complications and reduce risks.

Blood Disorder Treatments at Children’s Hospital

We have extensive experience delivering blood disorder treatments and advanced options to prevent and treat relapses. When new therapies become available, CHLA is often among the first places in the world to offer them.

Treatments we offer for blood disorders include:

  • Bone marrow transplants: This therapy replaces abnormal blood-producing cells with healthy cells. We are California’s largest pediatric Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Center. Our specialists treat the most complicated conditions.
  • Blood transfusions (transfusion therapy): This option restores blood cell counts using blood from healthy donors. We offer a safe, child-friendly care environment at our Infusion Center.
  • Iron overload disorder care: Children receiving transfusion therapy are at risk for this condition, which occurs when there’s too much iron in the blood. CHLA is a world leader in diagnosing, treating and preventing iron overload.

Research and Clinical Trials for Pediatric Blood Diseases

CHLA is an established leader in pediatric hematology research with decades of experience. We work with other respected programs all over the world through prestigious research networks. These efforts set the foundation for new techniques that are changing the way doctors treat complex blood disorders.

Find out more about our research and clinical trials.

Support for Hematology Patients and Their Families

Our patient- and family-centered, whole-person approach eases the burden of living with a blood disorder.

CHLA offers a broad range of services:

  • During treatment: Child Life specialists, psychologists and neuropsychologists use age-appropriate techniques to assess your child’s status. They provide support to help your child cope with their illness and its treatment, including psychological aspects such as fear and anxiety. Read more about our Child Life Program.
  • After treatment: We assist your child and family in accessing school-based services that make it easier for children to maintain their studies. Explore our School Transition and Re-Entry Service.
  • In early adulthood: A specialized team teaches young adults to take ownership of their health and transition to adult care providers. Read more about the PASSAGES Hematology Transition Program.
  • For families: We provide information about your child’s ongoing medical needs and emotional support. Get more information about HOPE Health Education and Support Services.

Cancer and Blood Disease Care at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

At Children’s Hospital, your child has access to innovative treatments and leading-edge care. Learn more about our programs and services.

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