Family Resources

We understand that the hospital experience can be overwhelming.  You will meet a lot of people at Children's Hospital Los Angeles who will look after your child.  Yet, each of those caregivers knows that you are the most important team members in providing your child's care. 

To help you during this process, we have provided resources and information that you can access at your leisure, in order to help you feel prepared for handling your child's hospitalization.

Before You Come

Caregiver Roles
Family-Centered Care
Sample a few Videos

During Your Visit

Family Resource Center
Hospital Amenities
Gift Shop
Pharmacy Services
Fun Centers
Rights & Responsibilities
Staying Safe
Update Family & Friends

Resources for Home

Contact Numbers
Manage Your Child's Fever
Medical Records
Rights & Responsibilities

Health Resources

Parent University
Cancer Resources
Kohl's Safety Center
Child Nutrition Center
Diabetes Resources
Infographic: How to Properly Wash Hands

Community Searches

Healthy City Search
LA County Helps

Other Resources

Parent University
Human Subjects Protection Program