Family-Centered Care

Importance of Family in Care

Our existing hospital building was dedicated in 1968 and provided truly visionary facilities that supported the standard of care in common practice at that time. Children were admitted to the hospital, treated, healed and discharged to the care of their families. Medical care has evolved over the past 35 years and we now encourage our parents to participate as an integral part of the healing process. By providing facilities for our families to be close to their children, an environment in which children and their families can heal and learn together, help them learn about the challenges of the particular illness or injury and make it easier to manage their lives, we empower them to be better caregivers, better parents.

Our hospital partners with patients and families to ensure that their experiences and feedback shape hospital policy and processes. We understand that the family is the constant in a child’s life, and that excellent care supports the entire family.

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How We Include the Whole Family

  • Eighty-five percent of our patient rooms will be private so children can recover surrounded by their loved ones
  • Patient rooms will incorporate a distinct "family zone" which will include space for parents to stay overnight 
  • Dining facilities on the ground floor will open onto spacious gardens
  • A convenience store will offer healthy refreshments 24 hours a day 
  • A state-of-the-art Bill and Helen Close and Family Family Resource Center will provide Internet access, multilingual print and video reference materials and referrals to support groups
  • Each floor will include a family lounge with spaces for quiet and reflection, as well as family alcoves

Core Concepts of Family-Centered Care

We subscribe to the core concepts of Family-Centered Care as defined by the Institute of Family-Centered Care.

  • Dignity and respect
  • Unbiased information sharing
  • Complete family participation
  • Collaboration between families and providers

To find out more about these core concepts, please visit the Institute of Family-Centered Care website.

Join the Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) is always looking to add new families who reflect our patient population. We are seeking parents, patients and family members who reflect the diversity of those served by the hospital and/or clinics -- from a variety of racial, cultural, religious, socioeconomic, age, educational background and family structures. Ideally, we would like to have members who represent a variety of clinical experiences such as type of illness, families and programs utilized along with a broad range of experiences/perceptions.

Learn more about the Family Advisory Council.