Los Angeles Fetal Surgery

We treat babies with love, care and advanced technology, while providing mothers with emotional support when they need it most. Using leading-edge fetal therapies, we can cure rare diseases like twin-twin transfusion syndrome.

For conditions that are treated, please visit the Los Angeles Fetal Surgery website.

Fetal Therapy Reunions

Every two years, the program holds a reunion celebration. Families come to celebrate the life and health of the children who were treated as fetuses by the LA Fetal Surgery Program. Contact us to learn more.

Our Team

Ramen Chmait, MD, and his team provide minimally invasive fetal therapy that will cure or reduce adverse outcomes resulting from fetal conditions that would otherwise result in death or irreversible organ damage. Your gift will help us improve our clinical care and treatment for our patients, and support our efforts to discover new ways of caring for mothers and their fetuses.

If you would like to make a donation to the fetal surgery program, please visit our donations page and make sure you add "Fetal Surgery" into the "other" line.

Program Partners

The Los Angeles Fetal Surgery Program is created through the partnership of Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Keck School of Medicine of the USC.