PASSAGES Transition Program

Bridging Pediatric and Adult Health Care for Patients with Red Cell and Other Rare Blood Disorders


PASSAGES is the health care transition program in the Hematology section of the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute. Designed for patients ages 12-21, the goals of the program are two-fold:

  1. Prepare patients for transition
  2. Develop an adult provider network

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The PASSAGES Program is pleased to acknowledge the Rauch Family Foundation and the Italian Catholic Federation for their ongoing support and generosity.

  • What is Health Care Transition?
  • Preparing Patients for Transition
  • Our Network of Adult Health Care Providers
  • The Bridge We Offer
  • Transition is a natural part of growing up. In health care, it is a process where patients move from a pediatric health care system to an adult health care system. 
  • Patients take more responsibility for their own health care needs and learn to make their own medical decisions.
  • We are committed to helping both patients and their caregivers be successful through the transition process.

Preparation focuses on education, advocacy, and self-care skills.


  • Education for patients and families starts when the patient is 12 years old
  • Patients become more active in their care by learning about their diagnosis, treatment plan, medical needs and where to find support

Self-Care & Advocacy

  • Patients gain knowledge, skills, experience and confidence in advocating for themselves
  • Patients learn how to take responsibility for their own medical care

Transition Clinic

  • Specialty clinic for patients 18 to 21 years old and their families.
  • Multidisciplinary clinic in which patients and families meet with a Nurse Navigator, Nurse Practitioner, Social Worker and Physician
  • Focuses on transition issues such as:
    • Finding an adult Primary Care Provider (PCP)
    • Finding other specialists such as an adult hematologist
    • Learning how insurance works

The Hematology section at CHLA is a specialty center with expertise in genetic and very rare blood disorders. We strive to provide the best, most comprehensive pediatric health care possible. As our patients become young adults we understand the importance of connecting them to adult providers who share our commitment. 

The PASSAGES Transition team is developing a network of adult health care providers to continue caring for our patients. Through ongoing communication, support and sharing our expertise, we are building long-term, trusting partnerships with these adult providers and their office staff. This relationship between pediatric and adult providers is an essential component of a successful transition.

For the first time in the Hematology section, we have expanded our clinical care team to include a Nurse Navigator. The Nurse Navigator spearheads the community outreach needed to identify adult providers for our network, and helps link patients to them by facilitating communication between the Hematologist at CHLA and the patient’s new adult doctors. Quality health care is maintained when the adult doctor has the support and medical information needed to care for our young adult patients.