Endocrinology Diagnosis and Treatment

The endocrinologists at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are among the most skilled and experienced in the country. They have advanced subspecialty training and expertise, which allows for targeted, individualized treatment.

We continually set and increase the standards for exceptional pediatric care. That’s one reason why U.S. News & World Report ranks us among the top 5 children’s hospitals in the country and the best in California. Newsweek lists us in the top 5 hospitals providing specialty care across the world. We are also among the top 8 hospitals in the nation for children’s endocrinology and diabetes care.

Endocrinology Diagnosis

Our specialists use a wide range of tools to diagnose endocrine disorders. We also use multiple tests throughout your child’s care to guide our treatment decisions or confirm that a treatment plan is working. Find out more about pediatric endocrinology tests and diagnosis.

Endocrinology Treatment

Our pediatric endocrinologists provide comprehensive treatment for a range of conditions. We offer treatment for:

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia treatment

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is a rare genetic condition that affects the adrenal glands (glands that produce hormones). Many children with CAH need medical care for the condition throughout their entire lives.

Our specialists have advanced expertise in CAH. We provide a range of treatments, including medications and surgery. We work closely with other CAH providers to ensure that young people experience a smooth care transition when it’s time for them to see an adult provider. Learn more about congenital adrenal hyperplasia treatment

Pediatric bone disorders treatment

Bone disorders are conditions that affect your child’s bone growth or strength. The CHLA Pediatric Bone Disorders Program is among the largest in the country. Our pediatric bone specialist is one of the only ones in the nation with specific training in children’s bone disorders.

Treatment for a bone disorders may include medications, orthopaedic surgery or collaboration with other experts. Our involvement in research and clinical trials also means that your child may have access to new and innovative treatments. Find out more about pediatric bone disorders treatment.

Pediatric diabetes treatment

Diabetes is a broad description for conditions that affect your child’s blood sugar levels. Young people who have diabetes receive personalized, expert treatment plans from our specialists. We also provide extensive education so your family understands what a diabetes diagnosis means and how to manage the condition at home.

Your child’s treatment plan may include diet and exercise changes, and insulin or non-insulin medications. Find out more about pediatric diabetes treatment.

Pediatric thyroid treatment

The thyroid is a small gland that produces hormones. If your child has a thyroid disorder, that often means the thyroid produces too few or too many hormones. Tumors (irregular masses) or nodules can also affect the thyroid.

Our pediatric thyroid specialists are among the most experienced in the country. We provide comprehensive thyroid treatment, including medications, surgery and a unique treatment called radioactive iodine therapy. Learn more about pediatric thyroid treatment.

Pediatric weight management

If your child’s doctor advises that your child lose weight, our specialists can help. Multiple specialists collaborate to offer comprehensive weight management services. We work with your family to help your child learn healthy habits and live a high quality of life long-term. 

Your child’s treatment plan may include diet changes, exercise plans or medications. Discover more about pediatric weight management.

Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance that can affect adolescent females. We provide personalized, targeted treatments to help young people manage PCOS symptoms.

The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Clinic is the largest clinic of its kind for teenagers in the Western United States. Our specialists may offer diet changes, exercise plans or medications. Find out more about polycystic ovary syndrome treatment.

Turner syndrome treatment

Turner syndrome occurs when a female is born with one X chromosome partially or fully missing. Young people with the condition may have stunted growth, problems with bone development or heart defects.

Our specialists provide comprehensive treatment, including growth hormones and estrogen therapy. We collaborate closely with specialists in the Heart Institute to ensure that children and teens with both Turner syndrome and cardiac conditions have access to the exceptional care they need. Discover more about Turner syndrome treatment.

Endocrinology Programs and Services

Our specialists offer care through a range of subspecialty clinics, meaning we provide personalized, niche care for your child. Learn more about our endocrinology programs and services.