Children’s Endocrinology Programs and Services

At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, your child has access to exceptional endocrinology services. Whether your child has diabetes, a thyroid disorder, congenital adrenal hyperplasia or another endocrine condition, our specialists can help. 

Comprehensive Endocrinology Services

Our endocrinologists care for patients through multiple programs, including:

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Clinic

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) is a rare disorder that affects a child’s adrenal glands. At CHLA, our endocrinologists have unique training in diagnosing and treating CAH.

At any given time, the experts in the CAH Clinic are treating more than 200 children, making us one of the largest CAH clinics in the United States. We receive referrals from all over the country because families and providers across the nation recognize our specialists for their expertise. Learn more about the Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Clinic.

Diabetes Program

A diabetes diagnosis can significantly change your child’s life and routine. At CHLA, our certified diabetes educators provide comprehensive education, support and treatment options. We even have a diabetes hotline where you can connect with a diabetes educator, specialized nurse or doctor at any time of day.

Our specialists care for more than 2,000 children with diabetes annually, making us one of the largest child and adolescent diabetes programs in the Western United States. Find out more about the Diabetes Program.

Pediatric Bone Disorders Program

Bone and mineral disorders include all the conditions that affect your child’s bone development and strength. Our Pediatric Bone Disorders Program is one of the largest in the nation. Our subspecialists all work together to ensure that your family has access to the care your child needs.

Our specialized endocrinologists have niche training in children’s bone and mineral disorders. In fact, our pediatric bone specialist is among just a few in the Western United States. When you choose CHLA for bone disorder treatment, you are choosing recognized, established expertise. Discover more about our Pediatric Bone Disorders Program

Endocrinology Clinics 

Our subspecialty endocrinology clinics include:   

Adolescent Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Clinic

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance that affects females. Teens with the condition have excessive androgens (male hormones), often leading to acne, unwanted hair growth or weight gain.

Through the Adolescent PCOS Clinic, our specialists provide personalized, targeted care. We partner with specialists throughout the Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism to ensure that young people have access to all the specialty care they may need. Learn more about the Adolescent Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Clinic.  

Type 2 Diabetes Clinic

Type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly common in adolescents. CHLA is the only hospital in the Southern California region with a specific clinic for youth with Type 2 diabetes.

Our care combines the expertise of endocrinologists, dietitians, physical therapists and more. Certified diabetes educators provide extensive education to help your family learn more about what a diabetes diagnosis means, as well as how to manage the condition at home. Find out more about the Type 2 Diabetes Clinic.

Healthy Weight Clinic

Our specialists have unique training to understand the connection between your child’s weight and health. Our goal is to support your child in living a healthy life long-term.

Your child may have been identified as needing to lose weight for future health. Or weight loss may be part of the treatment plan for another condition, such as diabetes or PCOS. Whatever your child’s needs, our specialists provide targeted, personalized treatment to help your child achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Learn more about the Healthy Weight Clinic.

Pediatric Thyroid Clinic

The thyroid is a small gland that produces hormones. Many conditions can affect your child’s thyroid. At CHLA, we offer comprehensive care for a range of thyroid disorders.

Our care team includes the expertise of dietitians, specialized endocrinologists, otolaryngologists and other specialists. This team approach means your child benefits from targeted, well-rounded treatment plans. Find out more about the Pediatric Thyroid Clinic.

Turner Syndrome Clinic

Turner syndrome occurs when a female is born with one X chromosome fully or partially missing. The condition may be diagnosed before birth, shortly after birth, or in childhood or adolescence.

We have dedicated endocrinologists who are experts in Turner syndrome. They provide comprehensive treatment and collaborate with multiple specialists to ensure your child receives comprehensive care. Discover more about the Turner Syndrome Clinic.

Endocrinology Diagnosis and Treatment

Our experts have advanced sub specializations, meaning your child receives even more targeted treatment. Our program’s heavy clinical and educational focus also means we have well-rounded providers who stay on top of the latest research. Thanks to their expertise, children who come to CHLA have access to the latest, most advanced treatment options. 

We use a range of pediatric endocrinology tests and diagnostic tools. We also offer: