Diagnosis and Treatment in Fetal and Neonatal Care

When your baby needs advanced medical care, finding treatment can be overwhelming. At the Fetal and Neonatal Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, our compassionate experts work together to provide a range of therapies under one roof. You don’t have to go far for the most advanced care that leads to better long-term outcomes.

Diagnosis in Fetal and Neonatal Care

Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive diagnostic services for our smallest patients. Diagnostic options include:

Fetal imaging

If routine pregnancy screenings identify a possible medical problem, we provide advanced fetal diagnostic testing. Our experts have special training in techniques like fetal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and echocardiograms that many other centers don’t offer. These tests give us a more detailed view of the fetus, so we can make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the right treatments. Find out more about fetal imaging.

Prenatal genetic testing and genetic counseling

Prenatal testing can screen for genetic disorders before a baby is born. Our on-site genetic testing lab gets accurate test results much faster than other centers. Our specially trained genetic counselors walk you through exactly what your tests results mean and what treatment options you have. Learn more about prenatal genetic testing and genetic counseling.

Treatment in Fetal and Neonatal Care

We provide advanced treatment for a range of fetal and neonatal conditions. Your baby’s treatment plan may include: 

Fetal surgery

Through our partnership with Los Angeles Fetal Surgery, we offer a range of fetal surgery options. Our fetal surgeons are among the best in the country. They pursue innovative research to advance the field and they get exceptional surgical results. LA Fetal Surgery is one of only two centers in the nation that offer in-utero percutaneous spina bifida repair, a complex procedure to treat spina bifida (a birth defect that affects the spinal cord). Find out more about fetal surgery.

Neonatal surgery

Many critically ill newborns require surgery. We provide a range of surgical treatments through a collaboration with the Division of Surgery. Keeping babies safe is our priority. When needed, we bring the surgical team to the intensive care unit instead of moving the baby to the operating room. We perform a high volume of neonatal surgeries each year and are experts in even the rarest of conditions. Discover more about neonatal surgery.

Fetal and neonatal neurocritical care

Our neurocritical care neurologist is fellowship-trained in neurology, adult and pediatric stroke, and neonatal neurology. Only a handful of clinicians in the country have this specialized level of expertise. We’re able to offer expert neurocritical treatment not available elsewhere in the region.

Fetal and Neonatal Disorders and Complications

Our specialists offer treatment for all types of fetal and neonatal conditions. Learn more about neonatal and fetal conditions we treat.