Colorectal Malformation Treatments

Colorectal anomalies affect organs that form, store and eliminate stool (poop). These anomalies cause embarrassing accidents and complicate daily life, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles offers the full range of colorectal anomaly treatments. Your child has access to nonsurgical and surgical options. Some treatments are only available in select programs nationwide. Our services help children reclaim an active, happy childhood.

Colorectal Malformation Treatments: Why Choose Us

Children’s Hospital has all the services and expertise your child needs in one center. Our experts work together to provide a seamless care experience. After treatment, most patients wear regular underwear and consistently avoid poop accidents. These are some of the reasons patients come to us from all over the Western U.S.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Conservative approach: We help many children gain better bowel control with nonsurgical therapies. Your child has access to pelvic floor therapy and personalized bowel regimens. These colorectal anomaly treatments frequently end the need for special underwear.
  • Life-changing surgery: We regularly treat complex malformations that do not respond to nonsurgical therapies. Surgeons repair and reconstruct organs to optimize function. Offerings also include revision surgery, which modifies structures after a previous procedure. This option gives children more chances for success.
  • Personalized care: The best treatments for your child depend on the diagnosis and symptoms. We offer advanced testing options that help us pinpoint the cause. Find out more about colorectal and pelvic anomaly evaluation and diagnosis.
  • Ongoing services: We build relationships with patients and families that span all stages of childhood. Even when your child is symptom-free, we check in regularly to see how treatments are going. These efforts help us provide timely care if your child experiences unexpected changes in stool habits.

Colorectal Anomaly Treatments We Offer

Your child’s personalized care plan may include:

  • Bowel management: We are among the few programs in California with a bowel management program. This treatment helps children establish a daily routine for bowel emptying. An experienced nurse practitioner tailors services to your child’s needs. Find out more about our Bowel Management Program.
  • Physical therapy: Treatment improves coordination of the muscles that control bowel movements. Our team includes specially trained physical therapists who deliver compassionate care. Therapy includes exercises and other techniques that enhance the body’s natural ability to eliminate stool.
  • Surgery: Your child has access to the best available surgical procedures. We deliver advanced therapies, including pull-through surgery for Hirschsprung’s disease. This procedure removes nonfunctioning bowel tissue. Our high success rates help more children to maintain long-term bowel control. Explore colorectal anomaly surgery.

Patient- and Family-Centered Colorectal Malformation Treatment

Colorectal anomaly treatment at Children’s Hospital includes support for your child and family. It’s natural for children with these conditions to feel anxious about treatment. Our gastrointestinal psychologist helps children find healthy strategies for coping and addressing challenges.

Child Life specialists provide additional support when surgeries or hospital stays are necessary. They use age-appropriate techniques to ease worries and prepare your child for the next steps of care. For more information, read our colorectal and pelvic anomaly patient and family resources.

Comprehensive Colorectal and Pelvic Anomaly Care for Children

We offer access to multiple pediatric subspecialists in one convenient location in Los Angeles. Find out more about our Colorectal Center.

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