After Discharge

Upon discharge from the hospital, the Transplant Team communicates with the patient/family and the referring physician regarding all aspects of the patient’s medical care. The patient/family are taught and must demonstrate understanding of post-transplant medical care requirements prior to departing the hospital. They are given general education materials about what to expect post-transplant, as well as patient-specific materials such as the patient’s medication timetable, and his/her post-transplant clinic schedule.

Post-Discharge Follow-Up Care

Patients are required to stay near the hospital for two to three months post-transplant. They are seen in the post-transplant clinic on the following schedule:

  • Once per week for four visits
  • Once every other week for four visits
  • Once per month for the first year

Patients are seen by the multidisciplinary team during each visit and are given the opportunity to discuss any problems and receive appropriate laboratory testing.

Post-transplant patients may also be seen at unscheduled times secondary to problems arising following transplant. These patients are seen on a case-by-case basis, and laboratory tests and diagnostic testing are ordered as needed.