Urology Programs and Services

Many urology programs and practices treat patients of all ages. But at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, our specialists focus exclusively on pediatric urology services.

Our doctors and nurses are specially trained in the unique needs and conditions that affect babies, children and young adults.

Find a Pediatric Urology Program or Service

The Division of Urology at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is among the largest and most respected programs of its kind in the U.S. We offer a complete range of urology services for children, including:

Complex Pediatric Reconstructive Urology Surgery

Our pediatric urology surgeons offer reconstruction for the genitourinary organs. Pediatric reconstructive urology may benefit children when a condition interferes with the health or function of these organs.

Bladder exstrophy and congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) are two conditions that may require reconstructive surgery. CHLA is one of only eight bladder exstrophy Centers of Excellence in the U.S. We are also a designated CAH Center of Excellence. Learn more about our complex pediatric reconstructive urology surgery services.

Comprehensive Urinary Stone Program

Our pediatric urologists collaborate with CHLA’s pediatric nephrologists and nutritionists to treat kidney, bladder and ureteral stones in children. Your child receives proven, effective treatments that are customized for children. Learn more about our Comprehensive Urinary Stone Program.

Fetal Urology

Our Fetal Urology program is the largest on the West Coast. As part of our nationally ranked Fetal and Neonatal Institute, our specialists diagnose urology conditions in fetuses before birth. Our multispecialty clinic includes perinatologists and urologists who work together to create the best care plan for families.

General Urology

Our pediatric urologists diagnose and treat all types of children’s conditions that affect the genitourinary tract. The genitourinary organs include the bladder, kidneys, ureters (tubes that connect the bladder and kidneys) and genitals.

Many families trust our expertise in infant circumcision or circumcision revision procedures. Read more about our general urology care.

Minimally Invasive and Robotic Urology Surgery

Our surgeons have expertise in all areas of pediatric urology surgery, including robotic, laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery. With our advanced surgical options, children experience smaller incisions, faster healing and shorter recovery times. Learn more about minimally invasive and robotic urology surgery.

Voiding Improvement Program

Our team provides a comprehensive approach to daytime or nighttime wetting, constipation and voiding issues. We help children by using biofeedback, computer games that teach muscle control and more. Learn about our Voiding Improvement Program.

Wilms tumor and genitourinary tumor treatment

Our pediatric urologists offer an advanced level of care for tumors of the kidneys, bladder, ureters and reproductive organs. We collaborate with CHLA’s nationally ranked Oncology Program to care for all types of genitourinary solid tumors. Learn more about Wilms tumor and genitourinary tumor treatment.

Child-Focused Care

Our child-friendly environment helps children and families feel more comfortable and calmer during visits and procedures. We designed all our rooms and equipment with children’s needs in mind. For example, our waiting room and exam rooms feature children’s books and décor.

We know that children need calm, comforting support when they receive medical care. That’s why our Child Life specialists are on hand to help children feel at ease during appointments. Learn more about our Child Life Program.

Our Diagnostic Services and Treatments

Because we only provide pediatric care, we offer advanced diagnostic tools for children’s needs. For example, we are one of the few programs offering video urodynamics studies (VUDS) exclusively for children. VUDS are specialized imaging tests that provide detailed information about bladder function.

Our team specializes in urology conditions that affect children, so we offer the latest treatments. From treating enuresis (wetting) or performing a state-of-the-art robotic surgery, we have the expertise to address your child’s needs. Learn more about pediatric urology diagnosis and treatment.

Pediatric Urology Research

Research at CHLA, including clinical trials on new treatments, is advancing care for pediatric urology. Our clinical trials allow our doctors to offer the newest care options. Learn more about our pediatric urology research.