Radiology and Imaging Information for Medical Professionals

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is home to one of Southern California’s leading pediatric radiology and imaging programs. We provide access to the full range of imaging modalities and diagnostic-quality results.

Our pediatric radiologists welcome the opportunity to participate in your patient’s care. We offer a broad range of services, expert interpretations and a child-friendly experience.

Information for Medical Professionals About Our Radiology and Imaging Services

When looking for high-quality pediatric radiology and imaging services for your patient, turn to the experts at Children’s Hospital. All our clinicians and staff specialize in working with children.

Highlights of our program include:

  • National recognition: We maintain American College of Radiology accreditation, the gold standard of care, for our magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound and nuclear medicine services. Our radiologists and technologists have also taken the Image Gently pledge. This campaign from the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging protects children against unnecessary radiation exposure.
  • Pediatric anesthesiology: We are one of the few programs in the region offering sedation for imaging scans, when necessary. We deliver medications to help children sleep through some scans. Internationally renowned pediatric anesthesiologists provide age-appropriate services and maintain an exceptional safety record.
  • Best available technology: We offer some of the latest imaging technologies, including an ultra-fast scanner, which provides remarkable clarity and quality. These offerings, coupled with our team’s expertise, make it possible to evaluate complex pathologies with a high degree of confidence.
  • Multidisciplinary approach: Pediatric radiologists work alongside other highly skilled Children’s Hospital experts to coordinate personalized care. We regularly participate in cancer tumor boards and other specialty care conferences.

Radiology subspecialists

Our team includes pediatric radiology subspecialists in:

Radiology and Imaging Research and Leadership

Our team is advancing pediatric radiology and imaging practices through medical education and research.

  • Radiology research: The Saban Research Institute is home to breakthrough studies in childhood illness. Efforts include emerging imaging modalities, basic science studies and outcomes research. Read more about our radiology and imaging research.
  • Pediatric radiology fellowship: Children’s Hospital is training the next generation of medical imaging specialists through an accredited pediatric radiology fellowship. This opportunity is open to pediatric radiologists and neuroradiologists (brain imaging specialists) and consists of clinical rotations, case conferences, research and more.

Refer a Patient for Radiology and Imaging Services

Find out more about referring a patient to Radiology and Imaging at Childrens Hospital by calling 323-361-2411.

Comprehensive Radiology and Imaging Services for Children

We offer the full range of radiology and imaging studies at our main hospital, in one convenient location. Some of these services are also available at locations throughout the Los Angeles region. Find out more about Radiology and Imaging.