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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles delivers the highest level of care for vascular malformations and tumors. We offer expertise and innovative therapies that are not widely available in the Western U.S. Many referring providers turn to us for assistance with their most complex cases.

Our vascular anomalies specialists welcome the opportunity to take part in your patient’s care. Whether you are seeking a consultation or would like to refer a patient, our multidisciplinary team can help.

Vascular Anomalies Center: Why Choose Us

Vascular anomalies can appear in any stage of childhood and vary in appearance, severity and impact on quality of life. Children’s Hospital specialists excel in treating all of them. We offer the full continuum of care. And our services reflect the latest science in vascular anomalies treatment.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Team approach: Our team includes surgeons, interventional radiologists, hematologist-oncologists, dermatologists and more. We collaborate in real-time, enabling us to quickly tailor therapies to a child’s needs. Meet our vascular anomalies team.
  • Accurate diagnosis: We diagnose rare anomalies, including those associated with syndromes, with a high degree of precision. In-house genetic testing bolsters these capabilities. We are also developing a genetic testing panel to make diagnosis more efficient. Read more about genetic testing for vascular anomalies.
  • Leading therapies: We offer innovative options, such as sirolimus, which helps many patients achieve excellent outcomes without surgery. Advanced technologies enhance our interventional radiology (sclerotherapy) capabilities. When surgery is necessary, patients benefit from pediatric subspecialists in every aspect of invasive therapies. Explore vascular anomalies diagnosis and treatments.
  • Inpatient services: We provide inpatient acute and supportive services for life-threatening complications and symptom exacerbations. These services include intubation for severe airway concerns and therapies for pain crises. Our nurse practitioner provides monitoring and care coordination as necessary.
  • Timely care: We see children with urgent concerns promptly. This includes patients with infantile hemangiomas or other fast-growing anomalies. Our nurse practitioner helps expedite testing and assessments whenever necessary. To inquire, contact us at 323-361-2154.

Vascular Anomalies Research and Innovation

Our team has made significant contributions to the field through vascular anomalies research. These efforts pave the way for treating anomalies that previously had a poor prognosis. Your patient may be eligible to participate through clinical trials.

Our research interests include:

  • Evaluating targeted therapies
  • Enhancing genetic testing for vascular anomalies
  • Optimizing outcomes and quality of life
  • Refining treatment algorithms so that more patients receive appropriate care right from the start

Refer a Patient to the Vascular Anomalies Center

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Comprehensive Vascular Anomalies Care for Children

We offer access to multiple pediatric subspecialists in one convenient location in Los Angeles. Find out more about our Vascular Anomalies Center.