Vascular Anomalies Research

Experts at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles are internationally renowned for advancing vascular anomalies care through research. We have participated in landmark studies with a significant impact on outcomes and quality of life. Our efforts have paved the way for new methods for treating conditions that previously had few options.

This tradition of innovation lives on in our current research activities. We regularly share best practices on difficult-to-treat conditions through publications. Some of our experts lead vascular anomalies clinical trials evaluating new therapies.

Our Vascular Anomalies Research Interests

Vascular anomalies care is evolving rapidly, and Children’s Hospital is at the leading edge. Our research is uncovering precise, effective therapies for difficult-to-treat conditions, giving more children the happy childhood they deserve.

Vascular anomalies research interests include:

  • Multidisciplinary care: We accelerate healing by coordinating input from a team of specialists. The team includes interventional radiologists, surgeons, hematologist-oncologists and more. We regularly publish articles in medical journals regarding the benefits of this approach. Meet our vascular anomalies team.
  • Standardized care: We were among the first in the nation demonstrating the benefits of a systematic approach for Gorham-Stout disease (a rare lymphatic condition). Our specialists identified specific tests and treatments that consistently helped children achieve excellent results. We are working toward standardizing care for other rare, complex disorders as well.
  • Genetic testing: Some of the most complex conditions we treat are due to genetic mutations. We are developing methods to make screening for these mutations more efficient. These efforts are in partnership with our Center for Personalized Medicine.
  • Medical therapies: Children’s Hospital was among the first programs in the country treating vascular anomalies with sirolimus. This drug halts abnormal cell growth, stopping symptoms where they start. We are evaluating additional medical therapies through clinical trials. Explore medical treatments for vascular anomalies.

Leadership in Vascular Anomalies Research

Our research efforts include participation in professional organizations that include:

  • Consortium of iNvestigators of Vascular AnomalieS (CANVAS): This organization leads national, multi-center clinical trials with a focus on developing novel therapies and enhancing outcomes. Children’s Hospital is a founding member.
  • International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA): This organization promotes the highest standards in multidisciplinary vascular anomalies care. Our experts present cases at ISSVA conferences.

Vascular Anomalies Clinical Trials

Research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is improving health and wellness in children with a variety of chronic conditions, including vascular anomalies. This research takes place through The Saban Research Institute, one of the largest and most productive pediatric research facilities in the U.S.

If you are considering a clinical trial for your child, it’s natural to have questions. For more information, read our clinical trials FAQs.

Comprehensive Vascular Anomalies Care for Children

We offer access to multiple pediatric subspecialists in one convenient location in Los Angeles. Find out more about our Vascular Anomalies Center.