Heart Institute Patient Resources

At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, we have a family-focused approach to care. We want you to be part of the process every step of the way. And we’re here to support you as you navigate your child’s heart care. From scheduling an appointment to getting to the hospital to navigating your child’s treatment plan, we have resources to help.

Scheduling Your Visit

Ready to schedule an appointment for your child? Take the next steps:

Planning Your Visit

Once your child has an appointment, plan your visit:

Treatment and Patient Support Services

The Heart Institute has several programs and resources that complement our clinical heart care. These programs include:

  • Emotional and social support: A heart condition can affect your child in many ways. Along with treating any medical problems, we also care for your child’s mental health and well-being. CHLA's Child Life Program provides tailored support to meet your child’s developmental, social and emotional needs during a hospital stay. And our Social Work Program helps your whole family cope with your child’s illness and treatment.
  • Family Resource Center: A child’s illness affects the whole family. This resource center offers educational programs and other support services. Learn more about our Family Resource Center.
  • Research and clinical trials: In addition to offering top-notch cardiology and heart surgery care, our doctors perform leading-edge pediatric heart research. This research includes clinical trials, which can help your child get new, advanced treatments faster. Learn more about our pediatric heart research.
  • Transition to adult care: Our dedication to child-focused care includes ensuring your child understands what’s happening. We help children learn more about health conditions and treatment plans as they get older.