CT Surgery Caregivers

Many people from the Heart Institute will help you care for your child before, during and after surgery. Below are a few of the team members you’ll meet.

Ambulatory Clinic Representative

This person will schedule your initial appointment with the surgeon and gather information such as your address, child’s date of birth and insurance coverage.


This doctor is responsible for administering and monitoring anesthesia during your child’s surgery. The anesthesiologist will check the medical history, including any possible drug allergies, while visiting with you and your child. 


Your child’s heart doctor will visit your child while he or she is in the hospital and will continue to see your child as needed after the hospital stay. 

Case Manager or Care Coordinator

The case manager, who is a nurse, follows your child’s case in the hospital. He or she will help prepare you and your child for the operation and will show you how to care for your child at home after the surgery.

Cath Lab Radiologic Technologist

The cath lab radiologic tech collaborates with physicians, nurses and other clinical disciplines to provide care to patients undergoing procedures in the cardiac catherization lab. (Read more...)


The echocardiographer (also known as the cardiac sonographer or echo tech) receives specialty training in cardiac ultrasound technology. The ECHO tech performs an echocardiogram for the patient. Echocardiography involves the assessment of cardiovascular anatomy (the structure and function of the heart and blood vessels) with the use of specialize ultrasound technology. Echocardiography maps the structures of the heart and vessels, such as valves and walls, and provides detailed information about the efficiency of blood flow through the cardiovascular system.  


This doctor is trained in the care of very sick children and will assist your surgeon in planning the care in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (CTICU) after surgery.


This doctor has received training in heart surgery and is receiving additional training in pediatric heart surgery at our hospital.

Nurse Practitioners

In both the CTICU and 6 West (the Recovery Unit), these specially trained nurses work with doctors and nurses to assist in your child’s care. 


These members of the surgical team performing open-heart and other cardiac surgeries set up and operate the heart-lung machine that keeps the patient alive by pumping oxygenated blood throughout the body during the surgery. (Read more...)


This doctor performs the heart surgery and also is your child’s attending doctor during the hospital stay. An assistant surgeon will help the surgeon during the operation.

Surgery Scheduler

After you have met with the surgeon, a scheduler will help set a date for the surgery and get authorization for the operation from your insurance company.