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Incyte INCB018424 Cream

To evaluate the safety and tolerability of INCB018424 cream applied to pediatric subjects with eczema

Infant-Robot Interaction-CHLA

We are interested in observing whether and how infants learn when interacting with a robot during a learning assessment contingency paradigm.

Influenza Breastfeeding Study

the effect of flu immunization on the level of immunity against the flu in breastmilk, and how this may help protect a breastfeeding infant.


The purpose of the study is to collect information from children 0-18 years of age with all types of pancreatitis to determine the number of children diagnosed with this condition, understand the


Two main purposes of the study: (1) to see if social communication of children with TSC can be improved with a short term behavioral intervention (JASPER) and (2) to see if these improvements remain

LifeSkills Mobile

5,000 transgender women are testing a LifeSkills Mobile intervention web-app to see if it helps reduce condomless sex, increase PrEP use, and decrease HIV infections over several years.


To determine if a home visitation program for breastfeeding mothers affects the health of their babies.


To determine if MEDI8897 reduces the amount of visits to see a medical professional due to a lower respiratory tract infection caused by RSV. We will be looking at this in healthy preterm infants

Mother's Milk Study

To better understand the effects of breastfeeding on infant growth and development.

MR Imaging of Perinatal Brain Injury

The collection of the research data we hope will help better screening, diagnosing procedures and treatment of brain injury in newborns and identify a connection between MR imaging and