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TACL Marqibo® ALL study

This study aims to evaluate the side effects (good and bad) of giving Vincristine Suflate Liposome Infection (also known as Marqibo®) - a drug approved for leukemia treatment in adults but that is

TACL Temsirolimus ALL/NHL study

To test a new experimental drug Temisirolimus - Temsirolimus (also known as Torisel®) is approved for kidney cell cancer treatment in adults - in combination with approved chemotherapy drugs - in the


The overall objective is to assess the influences that repeated head impact accelerative events (both impact and nonimpact) and concussions have on high school athletes as measured by brain structure


The purpose of the study is to learn about how to improve access to care during adolescence/young adulthood and to see if Virtual Team Clinic is an acceptable form of care. Virtual Team Clinic is a

Telehealth Study

To explore the possibilities of providing weight management services to teenagers through technology

Tumor Registry

The primary aim of this registry will be to identify genes and/or biologic and environmental factors that either cause these tumors or increase one's risk for developing them. Ultimately, research

Vascular Function in Children

The objective of this study is to better understand the effects of chronic diseases, such as congenital heart disease, on blood vessel function and on blood characteristics.