Preparing for Admission

Having a child hospitalized can be a very challenging time or you and your family. In order to take care of your child’s emotional needs you must take care of yourself first. Ask your doctor or other health proessionals questions so that you and your child will know what to expect.

The information below will help to prepare you and your child or your upcoming hospital experience.  

Ways to Prepare

  • Provide honest and simple explanations of what will be happening
  • Read children’s books about going to the hospital
  • Ask your child what they understand
  • Listen to your child’s questions and talk about them
  • Play doctor before going to the hospital
  • Prepare a list of questions your child may have and bring to your doctor

Questions You May Wish to Ask 

  • What will happen?
  • Where will my child be?
  • Will my child have any pain, when ,and what will it be like?
  • How can I help with his care?
  • What can I expect after the surgery?
  • Can I stay with my child?

Questions Your Child May Ask

  • Why do I have to go the hospital?
  • Is it my fault?
  • Will I be asleep during my surgery?
  • When will I go home?
  • Will it hurt?
  • Appropriate answers for children

How Hospital Stay Can Help

  • Schedule a hospital tour
  • Meet with a Child Life Specialist to help prepare your child for surgery.
  • Find out where the playrooms are or your child to play.
  • Ask about ways to reduce ear and pain (For example: topical creams or pokes, distraction techniques, pet visitation, Child Life services, and much more)

Directions to Follow

Make sure you know and follow any directions that your child's caregivers have provided to you before admission. Among the most important pieces of information you should have at your fingertips when you arrive for admission to the hospital are:

  • Does your child need to stop eating before a test or surgery? If so, when?
  • Can your child continue to take his or her medicine?
  • Read all advice given to you about your child’s disease, test, or surgery.
  • Complete tests the doctor wants before admission.
  • Find special directions or preparing or cardiothoracic surgery 

What to Bring

  • Contact information or the doctor caring or your child prior to admission.
  • Bring paperwork provided to you by our hospital or clinics.
  • Test results completed prior to admission.
  • Paperwork from your child's hospital or clinic visits.
  • Insurance information or medication your child may need.
  • Pack a bag with items that will help your child feel comortable.
  • Read more details about appropriate items to bring to the hospital. 

Before Admission Day

Before the day of your child's admission to our hospital, your child's physician will give you instructions regarding preparing for admission.  It is very important that you follow these instructions exactly regarding:

  • When to stop eating or drinking
  • When to take medicine
  • When to stop taking medicine   

Health Plans and Medical Groups

To learn more about your health care plans and medical groups, please visit this page.