HOPE Behavioral Health, Neuropsychology and Education Service

The HOPE Behavioral Health, Neuropsychology and Education Service at CHLA provides psychosocial support and education to patients diagnosed and treated in our Cancer and Blood Disease Institute.

Our services are timely, effective, and carefully integrated with medical care. Our clinicians work along with physicians, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team to ensure that our patients receive not only the best medical care, but also the best psychosocial support so that they continue to develop and thrive in all aspects of life as they receive medical treatment. 

Programs and Services

Sometimes even the strongest children and families need extra support while their child is undergoing medical treatment. 

  • Behavioral Health
  • Neuropsychology
  • Health Education
  • School Support
  • Teen and Family Support Service
  • Web Resources

Our Behavioral Health Service provides psychological consultation, evaluation, and treatment for families using techniques and interventions that are supported by research.  We adapt these interventions to meet the unique demands of the medical setting, providing them to families in the inpatient hospital as well as outpatient clinics, ensuring continued support for families throughout their child’s illness. We offer a special program designed to meet the particularly challenging needs of adolescents and their families, called Teen and Family Support.

Our Neuropsychology Service evaluates the neurobiological and cognitive consequences of childhood cancer and blood diseases, providing specific recommendations to children and families that ensure optimal social, emotional, and educational development that continues long after medical treatments have concluded.

The HOPE Health Education Service provides educational classes, materials, and resources to help patients and families with the information and support resources they need to navigate through their experience with cancer or blood diseases.

The HOPE Resource Center (HRC) is a central location that provides educational information on cancer or blood diseases. This includes free educational materials on disease and treatment, computer and internet access, information on camps and scholarships, support groups and wellness workshops, book library, on-site community agency presentations, and educational sessions for patients and families led by a pediatric hematology/oncology Health Educator.

The HRC is conveniently located in the waiting area of the Hematology and Oncology Clinic on the 5th floor of the Outpatient Tower. Resource Center materials and services are also available in the Inpatient Family Lounge on the 4th floor of the Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion.

The School Transition and Re-entry (STAR) Service seeks to empower young people with cancer and blood diseases to succeed in school. We provide information, materials and consultation services to assist patients with navigating the school system and advocating for their school-based needs.  We also serve as a communication link between patients, the medical team, school, and community resources. Our staff is well informed about the unique medical, educational and social needs of young people with cancer and blood diseases.

The Teen and Family Support Service provides services to patients and their families through the continuum of their medical needs from diagnosis to survivorship. We provide systematic evaluation, consultation, and an array of intervention modalities and strategies supported by research. Our aim is to foster positive adaptation, build resilience, and empower adolescents, young adults, and their families while going through and after their treatment. We work closely with the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Service to provide the best multidisciplinary care and address important medical needs, such as fertility preservation, for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 13-21 years. Our service also incorporates research in psychosocial oncology and multicultural considerations to tailor our interventions to the unique characteristics of the population we serve in Los Angeles.

Hope Portal (online)
The HOPE Portal is a site developed by Children's Hospital Los Angeles for finding resources and information about childhood cancer, blood disorders and other rare diseases or conditions. We collect everything in one place, so your search for information is easy.

Family Handbook
The Children's Oncology Group Family Handbook provides families with reliable information about treatment, support, and follow-up care for children and young people with cancer.