First Families

First Families are individuals and family foundations with a legacy of giving to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, or who wish to begin a legacy by supporting the hospital through unrestricted gifts of $100,000 or more. First Families have the opportunity to receive recognition in the Marion and John E. Anderson Pavilion. Promoters of ongoing excellence and patient care, First Families ensure there is always an environment in which hope and healing can thrive.

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First Families Members

David V. and Linda Adams Family
Mary S. and Peter Adams
Mary Adams O’Connell and Kevin O’ Connell and Family
Albrecht Family
Joyce and James P. Allen
Melissa and Doug Allensworth
Marion and John E. Anderson
The Annenberg Foundation
Rebecca and Andrew Apfelberg
Tim and Sandy Armour
Isabel and Warren Jefferson Arnett
Emanuel O. Bachmann
CeCe and Craig Baise and Family
Merle and June Banta
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barrat
Avery and Andrew Barth
Ambassador Frank and Kathy Baxter
Chase and Brad Beckerman
Mike and Jeanne Beckman
Jane and Philip Bellomy
Beatrice, Paul, Jeffrey, Stephen and Tyler Bennett
Alan N. Berro
Joyce and Stanley Black
Debbe and Spike Booth
Gail and Joe Boskovich
Lynn and Douglas Brengel
Sue and Barry Brucker
Nancy and Michael Casey
Ted Chanock and Family in loving tribute to Beth Miriam Chanock
Alex and Nadine Chaves
Catherine “Tink” Cheney
Larry and Carol Clemmensen
The Janice K. Clifford Family | Jan, Katie, Michael and Brian
Helen and Bill Close
Marty and Bruce Coffey
Cynthia and Sam Coleman
Shelley L. Conger John Jay Hopkins Foundation
Janice and Richard Cordova
Melanie Coto & Family Foundation
The Crawford Family Foundation
Suzanne Crowell
The Crown Family
Lucy and Don Crumrine
Dan and Martha Cuñado Family
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest
Gary and Mary Damsker
Philip and Alyce de Toledo
The Corwin D. Denney Foundation and Nanci Denney Bergin
Sheri and Roy P. Disney
Lynn and Dick Dotts
Ludie and Bill Driscoll
Christian and April Driscoll
Terry and Wally Durham
Melany and Trey Duval
Margy and Jerry Eberhardt
Gail and Jim Ellis
Andrea and Frank Epinger
Max Factor Family Foundation
Lynda and Al Fadel and Family
R. Douglas Fanning
The Farman Family
Dr. James J. and Sue Femino
Lynda and Blaine Fetter
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Fish
Ms. Sophia Scano Fitzmaurice
Barbara Fodor
Sheril and Robert Freedman
Bob and Sami Freedman
Joel and Deanne Fried
Peggy and Jim Galbraith
Steven Ray Garske and Martha Andujo-Garske
Maureen Girouard and Family
The Polly and Bill Goodan Family
Brindell Gottlieb
Grace DeDieu Foundation
Mary Lou and Terry Green
Douglas W. Grey
Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas
The Grousbeck Family Foundation
Gardner Grout Foundation                  
Heather and Paul Haaga
Kelsey Browne Hall
The Stanley E. Hanson Foundation
Simone and Laurentius Harrer
Mary Hart, AJ and Burt Sugarman
The Fred L. Hartley Family Foundation
Myron Hartwig
Tamara and Mark Hatwan
Steven and Christine Hazy
John C. Herklotz in honor of Dale Melbourne Herklotz
The Enrique Jr. and Megan Hernandez Family Trust
The Hexberg Family Foundation
Paris Hilton
Linda Joyce Hodge
The Glen and Gloria Holden Family Foundation
Carolyn Volk Horne
Daryn M. Horton in honor of Betty K. McDonald and Lenore E. McDonald
The Hsieh Family Foundation
Clark, Sherry, Josh and Samantha Hsu
Jau and Audrey Huang
The Hunt Family: Marilyn, Jim, Chelsea
Sally and Bill Hurt
Todd James and Tatiana Blackington James
Daniel and Susan Kane
Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Keely
Sally and Stephen Keller Fairchild Martindale Foundation
Sally and Peter Kelly
Margaret and Mike Kerr
Catherine and Michael King
Travis and Thomas Kranz
Rosby Lamm
Peggy and Kevin Lanigan
The Larson Family: Erik, Sara, Lauren & Paige
Karen and Michael Learned
The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation
The Leiweke Family: Tim, Bernadette and Francesca
Nancy and Ken Lewis and Family
Dr. Charles B. and Joyce O’Gar Lilly
Claudia and Jim Looney
Beth and Bob Lowe
The Sharon D. Lund Foundation
Kate Luppen
MacLaren and Swan Family
Carol and Douglas Mancino
Phillip D. and Lois S. Matthews
Bonnie B. McClure
In Honor of Milbank McFie
Alex Meneses
Raylene and Bruce Meyer
Debby and Lary Mielke
The Mitchell Milias Family
Kathryn E. Millan Memorial Foundation
D. Llewellyn and Susan N. Miller and Family
The Molz Family in honor of Pamela Hanson
John and Colleen Morrissey III
Mr. George and Dr. Nancy Moss
The Mostman Family
Mildred E. and Harvey S. Mudd Foundation: Elizabeth and Kirk Day|Cynthia and Joe Connolly|Tally and Bill Mingst|Norman and Marianne Sprague in Honor of Mildred Esterbrook Mudd
Nancy and Charles Munger
Pat and Larry Murphy
Lynn H. Myers and Gerald G. Myers
Leslie and Robert Nafie
Bill and Susan Noce
Lynn B. Oberman
Jose L. Oliva, Jr.
Jane Vruwink Palmer
John D. and Victoria R. Pettker
D. Brent Polk, MD and Terry Carr-Hall
Jane and Kris Popovich
Maria Preacher
Margaret and Ron Preissman
Beth and Bill Price
Jim and Eleanor Randall Foundation
William and Louise Ray, Robert Ray
Judy and Ben Reiling
Ressler-Gertz Family Foundation
Jane and Frank Rhodes
The Brian Riordan Family
Kenneth B. and Dayle I. Roath
Marilyn and Jud Roberts
Janet and Stephen Rogers
Kimberlee and Robert Rollo
Kathy and Walt Rose
Monica, Philip, Ben and Lily Rosenthal
Jim and Anne Rothenberg
Paula and Allan Rudnick
Cheryl and Haim Saban
Ron and Darlene Salisbury
Ted and Lori Samuels
Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Sanford
Zoe and Jonathan Schaeffer
The Scharffenberger Family
Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Schow
The Seaver Family
Carlton Seaver|Christopher Seaver|Patrick Seaver|Victoria Seaver Dean|Martha Seaver
Linda and John Seiter
Dorothy A. Shepard in honor of  Gary R. Shepard
Ginger and William Sherak
Cecile and Bernard Silver
The Simms Family Foundation
Victoria and Ronald Simms|Simms/Mann Foundation
The Smidt Family Foundation
John and Kathy Sottile
Christine Splichal
Samantha and Ryan Stromsborg
The Tamkin Foundation
Laney and Tom Techentin
James and Trevessa Terrile
Mr. Spencer Tien
Lannie Tonnu, Calvin Nguyen and Family
Mina and Tom Trujillo
Mary and Tom Turk
Kyle Richards Umansky and Mauricio Umansky
Carole and Paul Viviano
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Volk, Jr.
The Harry J. Volk Fund at The California Community Foundation
Barbara K. Volk and Elisabeth Volk Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wachtell
Ronald and Tana Wagenbach|Henry and Iris Dorsett Trust
George and Marilyn Wallace
Diane Wheeler
Maureen and David F. Williams
Roberta Williams, MD
Alyce and Warren Williamson
Ina Coleman, Alan Wilson and Family
For Betty and Bill Wilson From Marley W. Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Winston
Karen and Wally Wirick
Della and Ed Wirtz
Kristin and Jeffrey Worthe
L. LeRoy and Ethel Bell Wright Foundation
Cindi and Hank Yost
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yue
Dick and Judy Zeigler