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Through the unrestricted gifts of generous donors, the Children’s Fund enables our hospital to fulfill its mission. The Children's Fund supports the very foundation of our hospital, making possible the commitment to diverse services and programs like the ones listed below. Our accomplishments are a reflection of our extraordinary donors. Your generous support enables us to excel.

We invite you to review the Children's Fund 2015 Philanthropic Impact Report.

Children's Fund 100

Supporting the Heart and Soul of Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Children's Fund 100 is a dedicated group of philanthropists committed to sustaining the mission of our hospital. Visionary in spirit, they understand the impact of annual unrestricted support to the health of the institution and have made a significant commitment to the effort.

The group's members consist of individuals, corporations and foundations who commit a one to five-year pledge of $100,000 or more to help sustain the critical care that we provide in a family-centered environment.

Family-Centered Care

We believe that the patient’s family is an integral part of the healing process. The Children’s Fund supports treatment teams who offer care beyond medications, surgery or therapy. They treat the psychosocial needs of the child as well as their parents and siblings. At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Child Life Program is not merely an extra measure of care—it is an essential part of a child’s treatment and recovery, and the heart and soul of family-centered care.

We invite you to review the Child Life 2014 Philanthropic Impact Report.

Expert Patient Care for All Families

We are the primary safety net for all families in need of highly specialized pediatric medical care. In fact, we provide nearly 100 subspecialties of care. Every day, we receive patient referrals from institutions that lack the expertise and resources to provide the level of advanced pediatric care that the Children’s Fund supports.

Surgical Excellence

Our Department of Surgery is one of the most comprehensive programs in the nation. Our internationally renowned surgeons perform nearly 14,000 surgical procedures per year, including more complex procedures than any other hospital in Southern California. With a commitment to innovation, the Department utilizes minimally invasive surgical techniques to reduce discomfort and speed recovery times.

Research and Discovery

We are one of the few freestanding pediatric institutions in the world to combine clinical care with research. There are currently 102 investigators engaged in 261 laboratory studies, clinical trials and community-based research services. Our physician-scientists are laying the foundation for more effective treatments for countless pediatric health issues including cancer, diabetes and genetic disorders.

Education and Training

Since 1932, the affiliation between our hospital and the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California has helped us educate the pediatric specialists of the future. We pioneered the training of nurses through what has become the Versant RN Residency Program, a national model for new nurse graduate training.