Lifelong Learners

April 30, 2020
"What’s amazing to me is that even now, nearly a decade after Camp CHLA, the hospital continues to support me in expanding my knowledge." – Rocio Delgado, RN "My first experience working here was as a

Extra Credit

April 29, 2020
One of the things I love most about working at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is that there are always opportunities to try new things. I’m not limited by my title or job description.

Growing with CHLA

April 29, 2020
There’s always mentoring that goes on here. They talk about leadership years before employees might even be thinking about it. I was hired as what we now call a Care Partner. When I just started out

All For One

April 29, 2020
When I was first hired at CHLA, I felt like I had landed where I always wanted to be. Now that I’m here, I can tell you it’s even better than I imagined.

Love in the CTICU

April 29, 2020
For two nurses who put patients first, CHLA was the spark to a wonderful romance. Erin Hollenbeck Trinidad remembers the first time she saw her husband, Michael Trinidad. The year was 2012, and the

Caring for the Caregiver

April 29, 2020
Most of the time the lead nurse will call us and say, "My nurses need support. Can you guys come up?" We’ll go and get the cart ready with a Tea for the Soul logo on it. We get hot water, and then we