Second Century 200

Second Century 200 is a select giving group comprised of dedicated philanthropists supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles inside and out through their membership in both the First Families Legacy Program and Children’s Fund 100.

  • Second Century 200 members are promoters of ongoing excellence and patient care, ensuring there is always an environment in which hope and healing can thrive while also responding to the complex world of pediatric medicine in which the area of greatest need is constantly changing.
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Individuals and family foundations making a minimum gift of $200,000 in cash or payable up to five years directed to both First Families and Children’s Fund 100 with a minimum gift of $100,000 for each, qualify for Second Century 200 membership.

Second Century Members

Marion and John E. Anderson
Rebecca and Andrew Apfelberg
Merle and June Banta
Jane and Philip Bellomy
Beatrice and Paul Bennett
Nancy and Michael Casey
The Crawford Family Foundation
Lucy and Don Crumrine
Gail and Jim Ellis
Andrea and Frank Epinger
Lynda Boone Fetter and Blaine Fetter
Sheril and Robert Freedman
Peggy and Jim Galbraith
Kathleen and Maureen Girouard
Mary Lou and Terry Green
The Grousbeck Family Foundation
Gardner Grout Foundation
The Stanley E. Hanson Foundation
Mary Hart and Burt Sugarman
Megan and Rick Hernandez
The Hexberg Family Foundation
Gloria and Glen Holden
The Hsieh Family Foundation
Sally and Bill Hurt
Todd James and Tatiana Blackington James
Daniel and Susan Kane
The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation
Claudia and Jim Looney
Beth and Bob Lowe
MacLaren and Swan Family
Raylene and Bruce Meyer
Margot and Mitch Milias
Tally and Bill Mingst
Leslie and Robert Nafie
Susan and Bill Noce
John D. and Victoria R. Pettker
Jane and Kris Popovich
Margaret and Ron Preissman
Beth and Bill Price
Jim and Eleanor Randall Foundation
Judy and Ben Reiling
Dayle and Ken Roath
Kathy and Walt Rose
Paula and Allan Rudnick
Cheryl and Haim Saban
Ted and Lori Samuels
Maggie and Tom Simms
Susan and Eric Smidt
Trevessa and James Terrile
Mr. Spencer Tien
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wachtell
Maureen and David F. Williams
Alyce and Warren Williamson
Ina Coleman and Alan Wilson
Karen and Wally Wirick
L. LeRoy and Ethel Bell Wright Foundation
Kristin and Jeff Worthe
Cynthia and Henry A. Yost