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Small Animal Imaging Core

About Us

The Small Animal Imaging Core provides investigators with access to radiology imaging equipment and specialized high end computers and software for research that involves animal models of health and disease. Its function is similar to radiology departments in the clinical setting. Staffed by highly experienced research imaging specialists and technologists, the core provides images to investigators and facilitates image processing and interpretation via collaboration with the Translational Biomedical Imaging Laboratory, the Optical Imaging Core and individual research laboratories.  The equipment is typical of instrumentation found radiology department with the addition of special optical based techniques useful for imaging very small subjects: Bioluminescence/Fluorescence imaging, Micro-CT, 11.7 Tesla small bore MRI, High-Res plain film X-ray, Micro-Spect-CT.

How We Support

The facility is designed to provide not only imaging technologies, but also guidance in terms of imaging protocols. One of the core's major capabilities is handling different kinds of research projects including working with small rodents with or without imaging equipment. The core is open to academic investigators and commercial/non-commercial organizations.

Please review the general Core Use Policy.


The Small Animal Imaging core provides basic images to investigators as well as image data collection, reconstruction, and storage. Image processing and interpretation require collaboration with the Radiology Department.

In addition, the Core provides project management, precise intracranial xenographts, fixed and non-fixed biological sample harvesting, complicated perfusions, technical training and consultations, and access to advanced computer systems.


This facility utilizes CoreConnect, a web-based core management system that supports the centralization of services and equipment scheduling, billing and usage tracking. Use of the new system is required for all core users, core leaders and core staff.

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This Core participates in the CHLA Core Pilot Program. To learn more click here.

CHLA welcomes external users to utilize our Core facilities. Please contact Gevorg Karapetyan at