About CoreConnect

CoreConnect, a facility billing system by Priority Software, is a web-based core management system that supports the centralization of services and equipment scheduling, billing and usage tracking of our nine centralized core facilities. Use of the new system is required for all core users, core leaders and core staff.

The list of core facilities utilizing CoreConnect and the respective launch dates are as follows:

Biostatistics Core [December 1st, 2021]

Cellular Imaging Core [October 1st, 2021]

Extracellular Vesicle Core [October 1st, 2021]

Flow Cytometry (FACS) Core [November 1st, 2021]

Human MRI Core [November 1st, 2021]

Neuropsychology Core [December 1st, 2021]

Single Cell, Sequencing, and CyTOF Core (SC2) [November 1st, 2021]

Small Animal Imaging Core [December 1st, 2021]

Stem Cell Analytics Core [October 1st, 2021]

Important CoreConnect User Instructions & Resources

CoreConnect Resources

CoreConnect User Instructions on Use of Accounts

Principal investigators (PI) are responsible for providing valid project numbers or department/divisional financial cost centers to core managers when requesting services. Please be sure that the project or cost center meets all of the following criteria:

  • You are authorized by the PI and your divisional research administrator to use the project or divisional cost center
  • If using an intramural or extramural project, it has sufficient funds to pay for services and has not expired (charges are within its budget period of performance)
  • The service being requested is allowable under the award and sufficient funds exist within the associated budget category

Note for Those Awaiting Awards

If you have received indication that an award will be made, but it has not arrived, please complete the request form for advanced spending (RAS). The form is located on the Post-Award & Research Finance Administration page. An approved RAS allows a project to be set up in advance of award receipt, and allows expenditures to be charged to the project, limiting cost transfers and retroactive personnel actions.

Cores will not provide services in the absence of a valid project/cost center with adequate and allowable funding.


It is not acceptable to provide projects/cost centers arbitrarily.

In the event that an expense is not allowable, you will be notified of your obligation to transfer funds to a project/cost center for which the expense is allowable.


For questions related to login errors and/or maintenance of the system, please email All invoice/equipment questions are to be directed to the core facility. The core’s contact information is located on the core website.