MyChildren’sLA Online Sign Up

Join the Patient Portal Remotely

You don’t need to wait until your next visit to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to join the MyChildren’sLA Patient Portal. You can start the enrollment process online.

You will need the patient’s medical record number (MRN) to complete the process. You can find the MRN at the bottom of the visit summary you received after your last appointment.

Step 1: Select the appropriate member enrollment form(s) based on the patient’s age

To help keep our patients’ health information safe, access to the patient portal varies by the patient’s age.

Patient's Age Parent / Guardian Form Patient Form
If the patient is 11 and younger, the parent completes the parent/guardian enrollment form. View form  
If the patient is between 12 and 17 years old, the parent completes the parent/guardian enrollment form and the patient completes the 12- to 17-year-old patient enrollment form. The patient MUST complete the enrollment form in order to sign up. View form View form
If the patient is an emancipated minor, the patient completes this form.   View form
If the patient is 18 years or older, the patient completes 18+ year old patient enrollment form. If the patient wants their parents to have access to their MyChildren’sLA account, parents should complete the parent/guardian enrollment form. (The adult patient MUST consent for a parent to become a MyChildren’sLA member with access to the patient’s information.) View form View form

Step 2: Complete and electronically sign the member enrollment form(s)

Click on the links in Step 1 to access the appropriate form(s). Complete and sign the forms electronically using DocuSign.

Please remember the four-digit temporary personal identification number (PIN) that you submitted on the electronic form, which you will need later to activate your membership. After you electronically sign the form(s), you will receive an email from DocuSign with a link to your completed form.

Step 3: Activate your MyChildren’sLA Patient Portal membership

You will receive an invitation email within two business days. Activate your membership using the PIN you submitted on the enrollment form.

The email invitation will expire after 30 days. If this happens, please contact CHLA’s Health Information Management team at 323-361-2330, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., or email to request a new invitation email.