Graduate Medical Education


About the Graduate Medical Education Program

The Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) provides institutional oversight and support for all residency and fellowship programs. We are responsible for ensuring continued accreditation of CHLA as a sponsoring institution of GME by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). We ensure that programs are compliant with the common, institutional and program-specific requirements.

Superior Training Setting

Our hospital has become a global resource for pediatric clinical care, research and teaching.

CHLA’s Mission:

We create hope and build healthier futures.

As a leading academic children’s hospital, we fulfill our mission by:

  • Caring for children, adolescents, young adults, families and each other
  • Advancing knowledge
  • Preparing future generations
  • Building our financial strength


  • We achieve our best together.
  • We are hopeful and compassionate.
  • We are learners leading transformation.
  • We are stewards of the lives and resources entrusted to us.
  • We serve with great care.
  • Our Programs
  • Benefits
  • Core Curriculum
  • Nearby Attractions and Life in L.A.

Health Care Plan

For the duration of your house staff appointment, a hospital and surgical benefits plan will be provided for you and your immediate dependents based on the Hospital policy MHR-58.1.  It is necessary to select and enroll in the plan of your choice before coverage is effective (please contact the Employee Benefits Office).  Upon termination of your appointment, you may continue the plan based upon terms determined by the plan by contacting Employee Benefits Office prior to termination of your appointment and making the appropriate financial arrangements.

Liability Insurance

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles will provide professional liability coverage (malpractice) at no cost to you.  This coverage is in effect when acting within the capacity and scope of duties related to the CHLA Training Program only.


You will be provided fourteen (14) weekdays of paid vacation, per academic year.

California Paid Sick Leave

Physicians in Training shall be provided six (6) days of paid sick leave as provided by applicable State law and/or local ordinance.  Paid sick leave can be used for personal time and kin care as well as personal illness and/or any other purpose provided by applicable State law and/or local ordinance.  CHLA’s Sick Leave policy is not otherwise applicable to Physician in Training.

Pregnancy-Disability Leave

Physicians in Training will be allowed up to 8 weeks of paid pregnancy disability leave (PDL).  Extended weeks needed for complications can be taken as described below (see section on Disabling Non-Work-Related Illness or Injury below).  Please note the American Board of Medical Subspecialties requires that Physicians in Training complete a specified number of months of active participation in a training program to qualify for Board Eligibility and Certification.  Therefore, a Physician in Training may need to extend their training period to satisfy that requirement.  Additional leave as provided by statute will be provided upon request; however, the usage of such leave may require an extension of the training period.

Paternity Leave

Physicians in Training will be allowed 2 weeks of paid paternity leave.

Continuation of Stipend in the Event of Disabling Non-Work-Related Illness or Injury

Your stipend will be continued in the full amount for up to 7 calendar days per academic year in the event of a totally disabling, non-work-related illness or injury.  In the event of such illness or injury, after using 5 days, a doctor’s note must be provided to the appropriate personnel in your department (e.g., Residency Director/Coordinator), as per CHLA policy HR-24.0.  (This section does not apply to pregnancy disability leave, which is covered in another section above.)

As this plan is to provide stipend protection in the event of a non-work-related, disabling personal illness or injury, no payment will be made for unused stipends discussed in this section; in other words, this seven days is not accrued and will not be paid out if unused.

If the non-work-related illness or injury causing inability to participate in the training program extends beyond 7 calendar days in the  academic year, your stipend will be continued at 2/3 of the full amount for the remainder of the academic year as previously defined in this Agreement.  It will then cease.

This payment will not exceed 2/3 of your regular stipend amount inclusive of all sources of income (e.g.: State Disability Insurance, Short-term Disability insurance, etc.).

Extended absence, because of such non-work-related illness or injury or for any other reason, may have bearing on determination of eligibility to receive a certificate indicating satisfactory completion of the requirements of the training program, but such determination will not be affected by whether or not the stipend continued during such period of absence.  For possible determination issues, please see section 4 above, entitled “Pregnancy Disability Leave”.



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