Medical Supportive Care Service

Treatment for pediatric cancer or blood diseases often causes unwanted side effects. Some side effects go away after treatment ends, but others may become life-long. At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, addressing these issues is part of our child-centered approach to care. Our Medical Supportive Care Service provides care and conducts research to prevent, detect and reduce side effects caused by cancer treatment.

Supportive Care Services for Children With Cancer and Blood Diseases

The Medical Supportive Care Service gives your child access to a range of therapies that provide relief from lingering symptoms and treatment side effects. These services lessen the emotional and physical strain of cancer and blood disease care on your child. Our specialists work alongside your child’s medical team in the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute to provide comprehensive care.

Medical supportive therapies

Medical supportive services we offer include:

  • Medications and other strategies to reduce nausea, vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms
  • Medications that lower the risk of life-threatening infections due to a weakened immune system during cancer treatment
  • Symptom reporting measures that allow patients, including very young children, to report symptoms directly to their doctors

Other supportive therapies

Our medical supportive care team also works with other CHLA services to ensure your child receives the treatment they need. Other supportive therapies to help address treatment side effects include:

  • Nutrition support: Dietitians help your child get the nutrients they need even if your child doesn’t have much appetite. Personalized recommendations may include eating foods with lots of nutrients or supplementing your child’s diet with liquid nutrition.
  • Physical therapy: We treat muscle and joint issues that may cause pain or limit your child’s ability to move. Therapy may include gentle stretches or exercises.

Resources for Cancer Survivors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

At Children’s Hospital, your child receives comprehensive support from diagnosis through age 21. Our services can help your child cope with the psychological impact of cancer, late effects of cancer treatment and transitioning to adult care. Learn more about our Survivorship and Supportive Care Program.

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