Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer and Blood Disease Service

Young adults between the ages of 13 and 21 are unique when it comes to cancer care. Our Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer and Blood Disease Service addresses these needs using a personalized approach. We offer medical support, psychological services and care coordination that give more young people the bright future they deserve.

About Our Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer and Blood Disease Service

Living with cancer during adolescence and young adulthood comes with challenges that people in other age groups do not face. Treatments, services and support for younger children may not be appropriate for young adults’ needs. Yet typical adult cancer care might not be the best fit for your diagnosis or stage of life.

CHLA’s Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer and Blood Disease Service is one of the many ways our Institute delivers comprehensive care. We bridge the best of both pediatric and adult care to provide personalized services. Our offerings include age-appropriate treatments, fertility preservation, psychology services and a transition to adult care programs when the time is right.

Coordination With USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

For some types of cancer, young adults have a better response to pediatric therapies. In others, adult treatments are more effective.

CHLA’s partnership with USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center ensures that young adults receive the best services for their needs. We coordinate with USC’s Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program, making it easier to discuss complex cases so you receive timely, appropriate care. Find out more about AYA@USC.

Fertility Assessment and Preservation

Cancer-fighting medications and other therapies can affect a person’s ability to have children (fertility) later in life. Our AYA team discusses these effects and what you can do about them before treatment begins.

You may be able to take steps to preserve your fertility. An expert team of fertility specialists gives you personalized recommendations. We discuss the options of freezing eggs or banking sperm samples. Read more about USC Fertility Preservation.

Psychology Services

We help young adults with a recent cancer diagnosis navigate feelings and behaviors that can get in the way of their care. Our services are available in the hospital, in clinics and through virtual visits, enabling easy access to emotional support. Get more information about our HOPE Psychology Service.

Long-Term Survivor Service and Care Transition

At CHLA, cancer survivorship starts at diagnosis. We work closely with the LIFE Cancer Survivorship and Transition Service to empower adolescent and young adult cancer survivors to embrace their future as healthy and fulfilled individuals.

As young people approach adulthood, we coordinate a formal transition to the LIFE Clinic at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our careful attention during this transition ensures that young adults receive lifelong survivorship care tailored to their needs.

Resources for Cancer Survivors at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

The Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer and Blood Disease Service is one of several supportive care programs at Children’s Hospital. Learn more about the services available in the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute’s Survivorship and Supportive Care Program.

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