Neuro-Oncology Program

Pediatric tumors have distinct characteristics and require different treatment than tumors in adults. This is especially true for brain and spinal cord tumors. That’s why it’s important to bring your child to a program that specializes in treating childhood cancer.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles has one of the nation’s largest pediatric neuro-oncology programs. Our team includes some of the field’s most respected clinicians and researchers. Your child benefits from today’s best therapies and innovative options, some of which you’ll only find at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Neuro-Oncology Program: Why Choose Us 

Many programs have pediatric cancer specialists or brain tumor experts. Children’s Hospital is one of the few programs in Southern California with specially trained pediatric neuro-oncologists. These doctors have expertise in all types of brain and spinal cord tumors in children.

We have in-depth knowledge of how tumors affect children’s development. And we know which treatments are safest for growing bodies. Our experts frequently see rare cancers and use the latest research-based methods to treat them. Meet our team.

Highlights of our Neuro-Oncology Program include: 

  • Team approach: Our pediatric neuro-oncologists meet regularly with other brain tumor specialists to coordinate every step of your child’s treatment. Our team includes neuroradiologists, neuropathologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroendocrinologists and more. These frequent consults lead to seamless care so you can focus on your child. We closely monitor treatment response and adjust plans to help your child achieve the best possible results.  
  • Comprehensive testing: We perform molecular testing on every tumor we remove. Tests include methylation profiling and the OncoKids panel, which we developed to provide genetic analysis of pediatric tumors. These detailed tests allow us to customize a treatment plan for your child. 
  • Advanced techniques: Cancer treatments often affect healthy tissue surrounding the tumor. We use special techniques to target treatments to the tumor and reduce side effects. For example, we have expertise in intraventricular chemotherapy, which delivers the medication directly into the fluid surrounding the brain. CHLA is one of the few programs offering this type of chemotherapy for pediatric brain tumors. 
  • Patient- and family-centered care: You know your child best, which is why we include you in care decisions. Working with your preferences helps your child and family have the best possible outcome and an exceptional experience in our center. We also offer support for emotional concerns and practical matters through our HOPE Behavioral Health, Neuropsychology and Education Service.
  • Innovation: Children’s Hospital is among the first programs offering CAR T-cell therapy, a type of immunotherapy for some types of brain tumors. We deliver special cells that may boost the body’s ability to fight cancer. This is one of the many pediatric brain tumor advances we’ve been a part of. Learn more about our brain tumor research.

Neuro-Oncology Second Opinions  

Families from across town and around the world come to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles seeking second opinions. Whether it’s additional input on care options or questions about clinical trials, we can help. Request an online second opinion.

Our team thoroughly reviews your child’s case, including tissue samples, imaging studies and notes from the current provider. We confirm the diagnosis and determine the best treatments. If your child is eligible for a clinical trial, we explain how it works and what to expect.

Neuro-Oncology Services 

We offer a full range of pediatric neuro-oncology services. Our depth of experience leads to customized care, including the specific tests and treatments that are right for your child’s circumstances. 

Our neuro-oncology services include: 

  • Diagnostic testing: Advanced tests help us diagnose brain tumors with a high degree of accuracy. We offer custom tissue analysis and reporting capabilities that are only available in select programs worldwide. This testing provides a faster diagnosis and helps us personalize a treatment plan for your child. Find out more about neuropathology and neuroradiology
  • Monitoring: This option is for early-stage cancers or those likely to return after treatment. We perform regular imaging scans to check for changes in tumor activity that show the need for additional care. 
  • Medical therapies: Chemotherapy uses cancer-fighting drugs to destroy abnormal cells. Targeted therapy involves substances directed at specific mutations that fuel tumor growth. These are some of the many medical treatments we offer.  
  • Clinical trials: Your child may be eligible to receive emerging brain tumor therapies by participating in one of our studies of new treatment approaches. Get more information about brain tumor clinical trials. 

Neuro-Oncology and Brain Tumor Care at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 

Neuro-oncology is one of many services available through our Brain Tumor Center. Additional areas of expertise include neurosurgery, radiation oncology, diagnostic testing and more. Explore our Brain Tumor Center

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