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Stem Cell Core

About Us

The Stem Cell Core is a centralized support facility for the entire research community whose primary mission is to facilitate stem cell research, innovation, and interactions to ensure the success of funded research projects.

How We Support

The Stem Cell Core offers support by providing human pluripotent cells (hPSC), generating custom human induced pluripotent cells (iPSCs), hPSC culture training, and supplies management (including ordering, inventory, stocking). The Core also allows investigators to rent shared, well maintained, and fully equipped stem cell culture facilities. Additionally, the Core provides the following cell line validation services: mycoplasma and pluripotency testing and third party STR identification and genetic integrity testing (qPCR based test). We also provide access to shared equipment such as real time PCR machine, nucleofector, 96-well shuttle, fluorescence and dissection microscopes, and freezers.

Please review the general Core Use Policy.


This facility utilizes CoreConnect, a web-based core management system that supports the centralization of services and equipment scheduling, billing and usage tracking. Use of the new system is required for all core users, core leaders and core staff.

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This Core participates in the CHLA Core Pilot Program. To learn more click here.

Stem Cell Core Policies

Working with Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

All research involving human pluripotent stem cells must be reviewed and approved by the Children's Hospital Los Angeles Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) Committee. Investigators requesting H1 or H9 embryonic stem cells will be also be required to sign a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), termed a simple letter agreement (SLA) from WiCell, before receiving cells. Material Transfer Agreements are required for each cell line used.

For information or questions on SCRO policies and procedures prior to submitting a protocol application, please contact the Institutional Review Board at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles at

For information and questions on material transfer or to get started on a Material Transfer Agreement, please contact the Office of Technology Commercialization team.

For general lab safety questions and information about lab safety policy, please reach out to

Please review the general Core Use Policy.

To view the SCAC Standard Operating Procedure, please click here.