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Community, Health Outcomes and Intervention Research Program


The CHOIR Program of The Saban Research Institute works to promote health and improve healthcare for children, youth and families. Program members are a diverse group of faculty from throughout Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, including community and clinical researchers, behavioral health experts, and neuroscientists focused on improving the lives of children.

CHOIR engages these researchers by providing a range of support services and research tools that help enhance and promote their work within the community.

Support Services

  • Community engagement consultations
  • Creating & distributing outreach materials
  • Facilitating access to community populations and partnerships
  • Research cohort recruitment, tracking & retention
  • Survey and focus group tool development
  • Training & capacity building for culturally competent research
  • Career development support for early career researchers

Research Strategies

  • Community-engaged research
  • Developing community-based interventions
  • Establishing community advisory boards
  • Evaluating clinical services for children
  • Examining health policy for children
  • Formative and qualitative research
  • Health promotion and education
  • Health services research


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Research Highlights