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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Our Mission

The mission of CHLA’s Patient and Family Advisory Council is to help ensure that Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) adheres to the principles of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in all aspects of its operations. These principles include dignity and respect, information sharing, participation and collaboration. The committee is built upon its partnerships between families and staff and affects change through advocacy and education.


The Patient and Family Advisory Council’s general membership consists of family members and patients of CHLA along with CHLA representatives who subscribe to the mission and goals of Patient- and Family-Centered Care and are able to attend scheduled meetings throughout the year. It is an ongoing goal to develop a Patient and Family Advisory Council with the greatest possible diversity of culture, race, age, gender, family background and CHLA experience. Terms of service include at least two years.

How We Can Help

There are many times when CHLA staff members, providers and leadership teams, are seeking feedback and guidance for various hospital projects, or new initiatives to improve the overall patient and family experience, and having the true voice from those who have been cared for at CHLA, is necessary to make decisions that may impact  current and future care for all families that we serve.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council can: 

  • Give input about the delivery access and services for patients and families in our ambulatory setting
  • Provide relevant feedback about policies and procedures
  • Assist in planning for new facilities and services, products and equipment
  • Connect and develop liaisons with other Patient- and Family-Centered Care entities in the community
  • Participate in hospital planning meetings and councils
  • Participate as a speaker for leadership meetings and retreats, as our mission moment introduction

Join the Patient and Family Advisory Council

Patients and Families

The Patient and Family Advisory Council is always looking to add new families who reflect our patient population. We are seeking parents, patients and family members who reflect the diversity of those served by the hospital and/or clinics -- from a variety of racial, cultural, religious, socioeconomic, age, educational background and family structures. Ideally, we would like to have members who represent a variety of clinical experiences such as type of illness, families and programs utilized along with a broad range of experiences/perceptions.

Families and patients who would be a good fit for the Patient and Family Advisory Council are those who are able to: 

  • See beyond their own personal experiences and show concern for more than one issue or agenda item
  • Listen well, respect differing opinions and be able to work in partnership with others
  • Share insights/information about hospital experiences in order to help improve the vision of Patient- and Family-Centered Care at CHLA
  • Interact well with others and be able to speak comfortably in a group
  • Are comfortable speaking in public

To find out more about the Patient and Family Advisory Council, please use our application form to tell us a little bit about yourself. Our Patient- and Family-Centered Care Administrator will contact you to discuss opportunities that are available.

Apply to join the Patient and Family Advisory Council

Contact the office of patient experience 323-361-4682 or fill out and email the application form to pfac@chla.usc.edu. A member of our team in the office of patient experience, will contact you to provide more information.

Application Form - English

Application Form - Spanish